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  1. Yes the service repair ended some time ago by Garmin but I know lots of companies/people stilling using 196,296,396,496 with no problems what so ever. Hense the question of a good repair place. I have sent off emails to those people already who are still using them.
  2. I have tried to get help from Garmin and they straight out told me they will no longer support the 396 or fix it and there only solution was to buy a new one. . . Does anyone know of a good GPS company in the western Canada?
  3. My dad giving his safety briefing. Your as good as in the hands of the lord. Ya know why. You come out of mine youll be in his pretty quick. .
  4. "For a possible term of up to twelve (12) years" I am sure there are a lot of interested companies that would rent hanger space until they built there own hanger or continue to rent in YKA to do the contract. Ascent already has there medevac kits for the 902 when they worked out of YNJ and rented space to do the helijet work.
  5. Heard from a reliable source. Its going to a different operator. .
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