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  1. :punk: Is it worth trying out the electric grease gun or not. I've heard good and bad ie; short batt life only one tube per batt . How about affecting exctuder seals ? Any input is helpfull cheers to the mighty mosquito bzzzzz
  2. Just wondering if there is an STC to mount the Ontario forestry package on our aircraft. I know that they give you the weights for them but where is the approval for mounting that antenna on the skid tube? I did not have to do this as we have the technisonics tfm 550 radio installed but alot of other aircraft do not. Are we not responsible if it falls off and goes through the tail rotor and kills 9 people? Insurance void ? Two hose clamps and some tie wraps ? I still want to fly and everyone else is doing it so it must be approved ! I really hope they have fixed th
  3. Just wondering what the sumer total's are looking for everyone so far? Hour wise that is duing this years fire season. Which companies seem to be on the ball?
  4. You see this is the problem with the industry , You get these old timers who had it rough in the old days and can't understand what it takes to get good staff. If you look at the companies that fly alot of hours and need good staff to keep thier aircraft srvicable year round you are going to pay more than $100 000 k a year. And judging by your attitude, your the guy payin wallmart greeter wages and a 42 on and 6 off shift. If thats how you run your business I'm sure you have people just beating down your door. Welcome to the year 2007 if your looking for engineers excpect to pay f
  5. Nice snag big boh! when are you hedin back up to the fort?
  6. Oh and by the way I'm not talkin about the long term contract machines. If you missunderstood
  7. If you have 5 years on type you should be demanding $100 000 + a year with a true 2 weeks on 2 weeks off . Not this 2 weeks in the bush 1 wek in the hanger bs
  8. :down: So whats the deal in Ontario? Every year we all pack up and head out there lookin for some early fire action but when we get to dryden you find out some companies are collecting 4 hour dailies and some ae getting 3 hours. Are the ones getting three hour mins getting a higher hourly or just prostituting themselves out with the hopes of staying on longer? In the end we all leave with barely any unused mins anyhow. I understand Ontario is just doing good business but why cant there be a standard like most of the rest of the country? Just a little frustrating when you fly all the wa
  9. What type of work and how much $$? Will there be any minimums involved ? Where in Mexico? At least I think mx is Mexico
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