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  1. simpleton

    Mobil 254 vs Mobil Jet II

    Yeah, if you're not dripping oil off an Allison....you're out of oil
  2. Yeah, but does that little boat even have cup holders? No cup holders = no sale
  3. Roses are red Violets are blue OpsMobil went tits up and now Great Slave's on their way too.
  4. Yep I remember when that came out. Sure made things simple. And then they changed their bloody minds.
  5. CAR's 702, 703, 704, 705 Lol, Christ you are good for comic relief.
  6. "I don't care, do you?????" Who knows what goes on in your head. "ICAO is the boss for aviation regulations, not Transport Canada Aviation." I can assure you we answer to Transport Canada, not ICAO "ICAO is AUDITED by ISO 9000" Whippity do... "Transport Canada Aviation is a department of the Federal Government and the Parliment of Canada." Thanks Captain Obvious. "Transport Canada has been screwing up and going downhill since the early fifties and is in need of a complete OVERHAUL." Ummm.....generalize much "If one uses The Worldwide Safety Management System as an Auditing Body, the House of Parliment is the governing body under the Inspector General to authorize a complete Auditing of Transport Canada Aviation and hopefully, it will be brought in line with its MANDATE." Bahahahahahahaha....thanks you for making me laugh "Most of the problems can be eliminated by changing the whole structure and using ISO 9000 as an inspection Authority for transport and less BS for the industry." Yeah sure it would. "IT CAN BE DONE, transfer the existing department to a Crown Corporation as was done with NAV Canada." Ummm......Nav Canada is not a Crown Corporation "I actually worked on the original RFP for NAV Canada." Neat "Nav Canada is one of the best Crown Corporation in Canada. " Except that it's, you know, not a Crown Corporation.
  7. Lol, some of the best posts in years.
  8. simpleton

    Pilots leaving the industry

    You do know it was Americans who inventing fracking right?
  9. Personally, I would move the quantum indicator from the left flank to the dorsal index, thus improving laminar airflow over the tubular channel.
  10. simpleton

    Convert .Kmz Files To .Gdb

    GPS Trackmaker....problem solved It's free
  11. I wish...but I doubt it.
  12. I just thought again......yep, you're still delusional and have a problem with reality. I'm sure you would....and I won't
  13. Man are you ever delusional.