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  1. I just thought again......yep, you're still delusional and have a problem with reality. I'm sure you would....and I won't
  2. Man are you ever delusional.
  3. Well, lets see then....you know, since you think that the "invoice should never be more than the airtime in the logbook". Ever been on a cathodic protection job? You know, where you're landing every few miles and waiting running 5-8 min while they take their readings. You seriously think companies are only charging airtime when the machine is running most of the day? You seriously think the invoice is going to match the airtime in the logbook? Or how about pilot operating....you seriously think you're going to do 12-20 starts a day and not recoup some cost on that above and beyond the airtime? You're delusional if you think any company should or will eat all of that cost. Then there's this genius quote "AIRTIME is what it COSTS the operator to operate the machine". Anybody with the capacity to think could tear that statement apart in seconds. You think aircraft starts are cheap and have no cost? Been logging all those ground run starts in the logbook on anything running an Allison 250....cause a lot of companies aren't (and supposed to be). There's a cost to those I can guarantee you. An S92 doesn't cost anything to run-up and wait for IFR and departure clearance before it gets airborne? Never had pilots paid out a daily minimum that the aircraft didn't get? Christ, I can't take anything you write seriously.
  4. And wrong again....you're sure wrong a lot for a guy who's been in this industry a long time.
  5. Endorsements & the Tax Man

    Call the CRA and ask.
  6. Well, given how many have been sold, and that the production line is now dead, I'd say the market has spoken as to how good the machine actually was......... But heh, if you're stuck with one in your fleet I guess you have to tell yourself it's awesome.
  7. 150+ hrs in the 120......enough to know they're garbage. an old clapped out JetRanger will outperform an EC120 any day of the week.
  8. When isn't anything out of Ontario messed up....
  9. Reading your ramblings, I think the industry would be better off if you owned nothing....
  10. What the **** are you talking about? The court case Freefall linked to was Wildcat Helicopters. Where is Mustang coming into this?
  11. Apparently you...the one-post wonder
  12. I'm with neither, and the judge summed it up well...there is nothing in there to dispute.
  13. The Judge wasn't wrong at all.