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  1. Just mount a bloody RAM ball and be done with it.
  2. You had better be carrying some jerry cans in that R44 if you think you can do 250nm...
  3. Only lasted three days huh? Lol.
  4. Single pilot true IFR in a helicopter = pure stupidity.
  5. So in other words, government employees makes a big deal about doing the jobs they were hired to do in the first place....
  6. 1.0hrs Airtime 1.1-1.2hrs Flight Time 1.5-1.7hrs Fight Duty Time The balance is "other hours worked" on the timesheet If I'm in the field, it all counts towards my 2080hrs for the year.
  7. Yeah, it's only law backed up with a fine structure......teethless
  8. Who is "you". The losers in the airline unions? I see you're selling this same crap on AvCanada as well that this is the best thing ever.
  9. It's shilling......and you've been doing it on the AvCanada forum as well. Keep it in the marketplace area where it belongs.
  10. Lol. I can't believe that one's still going.
  11. Yes, this site is dead because of the trolls This place was a hot bed of Canadian aviation social activity till trolls showed up.....lol
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