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  1. You need an equivalency certificate to move a propane pig. That's why forestry has their own equivalency certs....lots of helicopter companies get their own. I've never understood why it would be legal to operate under a client's (aka Forestry's) equivalency certificate.
  2. Silver's up over 7% in the first hour of today's trading.
  3. Oooo......original You're so edgy. lol.
  4. Good to know you don't accept pressure from clients....you just decide yourself to make stupid choices. What a dumbas*, lol.
  5. So you advocate pushing weather and putting passengers, their families and livelihoods at stake, but question the character of those who call you on it for saying some stupid.... You may want to have a look in the mirror and think that one over.
  6. Yeah well, considering that Canada is the only G7 country without a program to compensate individuals with vaccine injuries, and Trudeau flat out wouldn't answer questions the other day whether the Canadian Government had granted Pfizer a liability indemnification as part of the vaccine contract. I won't be in the front line risking my ability to hold a medical and earn a paycheck on something that was fast tracked and likely granted liability waivers. Lol, I think I'll just let some of you be the lab rats and I'll sit back for a few months and watch. Trudeau government silent on drug ma
  7. Looks like Transport is giving their blessings to it. Emails are starting to come out from TC about their opinion See below: "Please see in the following information in regards to aviation medicals Following Today’s PBC meeting discussion on COVID-19 Immunizations, please see the messaging below from Dr. Tyler Brooks. You are welcomed to distribute internally and externally should you deem necessary. We have received several inquiries about whether pilots can take COVID vaccine. The questions appear to have been prompted by the article about the FAA position on pilots par
  8. Just a heads up on issues being brought up in the U.S. by the FAA regarding COVID vaccines and maintaining pilot medicals. Haven't seen anything from TC up here on the subject as of yet. As a pilot, I don't think it's wise to be lining up for a vaccine shot until TC Medicine makes an official ruling. FAA Reviewing Whether Pilots Can Take COVID Vaccine - AVweb
  9. Yes you can. My company requires WCB clearance letters from individual contractors yearly....most of whom have their companies registered in BC. We cover individual contractors on our regular insurance, but not for their WCB coverage.
  10. You don't need a new booklet to get your medical stamped. Your old booklet can carry a fresh stamp if your new one isn't processed yet...you just have to carry both the old and new booklets at the same time for a period. No different than carrying over proof of a PPC, as that wouldn't be evidenced in a fresh booklet either.
  11. Meaning...service from TC is slowed because of COVID and things are processing slower because most inspectors are working from home, including the licensing folks. It buys a blanket 90 days for pilots who are worried that their booklets may expire before they get a new one from TC. You don't have to make a formal request for the extension and hope that they approve it (which normally they don't these days).
  12. Transport has extended the validity period of holders of aviation document booklets for 90 days beyond the original expiry, as long as your booklet was valid on March 12, 2020. See details: https://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/regserv/Affairs/exemptions/docs/en/3271.htm I'm sure there are a few people out there that this buys some time for.
  13. Cool story....you do that, and thanks for that update.
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