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  1. There's the general grammar and sentence structure issues as well...don't undersell your problems.
  2. That's correct, it's tied to normal medical completion stats. Medical attestations are not counted in the stats that have been used extensively throughout the pandemic. It skews the numbers.
  3. That chart isn't accurate for 2020/2021 and even says so on their webpage. Having said that though, a lot of people have left the industry over the last several years and we haven't made up the losses. You're going to see a lot of foreign pilots brought in over the next 2-3 years. * It should be noted that since March 2020, due to COVID, a number of exemptions have been issued extending pilot’s medical validity. Our licensing system calculates these statistics based on pilots holding valid medicals. Since pilots may be using the exemptions to extend or renew their medical, our stat
  4. Cirro lost a lot of customers a couple years back when they kept making major changes to the software and not telling their clients it was happening and screwed up a lot of internal leg work. Lots of problems with their W&B matrices as well (as in a limited number of aircraft configurations). Maybe they've fixed it by now, but it cost them quite a few heli operators in that one year.
  5. Exemptions to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) (canada.ca) See PNR-003-2022
  6. Funny how there's about 3 of you (supposedly) with similar styles of writing, same word and sentence structures, with always the same spelling and grammar errors. Kind of makes a guy wonder....
  7. Did you forget which one of your accounts you were logged into before posting?
  8. Please don't butcher the English language. Perhaps you can add whining about the state of the Education system to the list of grievances you send to the below on a monthly basis. Lol.
  9. Why not ask him to lay out his positions on toaster strudel and Charmain toilet paper while you're at it....
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