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  1. It would be to my benefit to keep pointing out your considerable character flaws. ...there you go.
  2. So, you find "Percentile" to be a big word do you? Explains a lot to be honest...
  3. Which word did you find so big in that sentence, that you had to use "Google and a dictionary" there Mr. Short-bus? Lol.
  4. Don't be too sad that you're a little slow on interpreting things. They say 15% of the population has an IQ under 85.
  5. Fascist will have to suffice, since we're not allowed to call people retarded anymore.
  6. I see you can't tell the difference between serious statements and sarcastic statements.....not that it's particularly surprising.
  7. You sound like a good little fascist...
  8. Doesn't answer my question though does it? "The government will engage with key stakeholders, including bargaining agents and transportation sector operators, as we plan for the implementation of these initiatives. Details will be communicated as the work unfolds. The process will include determining how this requirement will be implemented, through confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination and other means of protection, such as testing when necessary."
  9. Can someone point to the legal reference the Liberals are using to push this through. As I recall, they made the announcement that they were going to do this, and in the same announcement, that the details would come later....still waiting for that "details later" to materialize. I'm guessing you won't see anything unless they win this election....which they may.
  10. Truth be told...you sound rather expendable anyway.
  11. Lol, says the person too ignorant to learn about anything outside their little daily work bubble.... (P.S. Who else did you really think would be in a helicopter forum besides pilots and engineers?)
  12. While we're at it, I think all the under age 12 kids, who can't get the vaccine shot, should be rounded up and put into concentration camps...that way we can help make all the pussies feel better about leaving their houses. Seriously, get a grip...this isn't Ebola. That, or just nuke all the cities from orbit
  13. Feed a few politicians through a wood chipper and watch all talk of covid disappear quickly.
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