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  1. simpleton

    New Fatigue Regulations

    Yeah, it's only law backed up with a fine structure......teethless
  2. simpleton

    New Fatigue Regulations

    Who is "you". The losers in the airline unions? I see you're selling this same crap on AvCanada as well that this is the best thing ever.
  3. simpleton

    New Fatigue Regulations

    Good luck deciphering that mess.
  4. simpleton


    It's shilling......and you've been doing it on the AvCanada forum as well. Keep it in the marketplace area where it belongs.
  5. simpleton

    What has happened?

    Lol. I can't believe that one's still going.
  6. simpleton

    What has happened?

    Yes, this site is dead because of the trolls This place was a hot bed of Canadian aviation social activity till trolls showed up.....lol
  7. simpleton

    What has happened?

    At least Freewheel gets it.
  8. simpleton

    What has happened?

    He rants like a teenaged girl, Lol
  9. simpleton


    You are forgiven for your insolence . Lol
  10. simpleton


    And where have you seen anybody doing that outside of the employment section of this forum? Yes, you have to do the CRM. Even asking the questions means you haven't read any of it.
  11. simpleton


    Stop shilling your business here. It's the second time you've done this now.
  12. I don't even know why helicopters need landing gear in the first place......seems like excess weight discuss
  13. Why can't you take a compliment? seems ungrateful...
  14. Jesus....never knew that. Thanks for the heads up. Do you other helicopter pilots know this? You are wise like....like Yoda level wise.