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  1. Not quite that easy for us I'm afraid I've had the misfortune of using Cirro as well.....that is some terrible software design.
  2. Oh I'm sure it works well, but at $30-$50/month U.S. per user, depending on package level, it gets expensive fast for a service that only provides document routing and nothing else.
  3. Fluix is way too overpriced a product for something that does only document routing. Companies will not pay those prices for just that.
  4. Congratulations…..it only took you getting to the 3rd page of the thread before making a single relevant statement regarding the thread topic ….well done champ
  5. It's "insensitive" not "in sensitive". You guys virtue signal so much you'd think you were all running for seats with the Liberal party.
  6. And yet you guys are making this whole thread about me rather than about the original topic....and then complain that I'm not "adding anything to the discussion" while you all proceed to talk about me rather than discuss the topic...lol So far I've discussed the thread topic literally more than anybody else here...… So yeah, you boys rile up real easy.
  7. Bahahahahah…….you people rile up so easily. Your levels of hypocrisy are amazing and you can't even figure it out that you're doing the very things you say I'm doing. Lol. Seriously though....stop licking the Round Up caps, it'll give you A** cancer and a serious case of cognitive dissonance.
  8. I suppose I should be offended that you'd call a woman a "f*cking twat" and that my opinion is worthless. I'm not though.....I forgive and forget.
  9. Must be an epidemic of cancer among farmers....oh wait, there isn't But please, do tell us more anecdotal stories.
  10. Go up by yourself. The CARs are clear.
  11. "Self described rotary god".....I like that. Doesn't actually make sense...but I'll take the title anyway.
  12. You want us to all to just whip out our crystal balls to interpret your rather vague post?
  13. Wow, how insightful. Next he'll tell us such useful facts such as "water is wet" and that "it gets dark outside when the sun goes down". Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about Drones Captain Obvious? It's like reading something from a 16 year old who thinks he has a new idea, lol.
  14. Most of the guys on here have. You're just bellyaching as usual.
  15. Nah, the Chinese will copy it and I'll buy it through Princess Auto on sale in about 5 years.
  16. 35-40k tops....and that's Canadian, not U.S.
  17. Just mount a bloody RAM ball and be done with it.
  18. You had better be carrying some jerry cans in that R44 if you think you can do 250nm...
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