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  1. Cirro lost a lot of customers a couple years back when they kept making major changes to the software and not telling their clients it was happening and screwed up a lot of internal leg work. Lots of problems with their W&B matrices as well (as in a limited number of aircraft configurations). Maybe they've fixed it by now, but it cost them quite a few heli operators in that one year.
  2. Exemptions to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) (canada.ca) See PNR-003-2022
  3. Funny how there's about 3 of you (supposedly) with similar styles of writing, same word and sentence structures, with always the same spelling and grammar errors. Kind of makes a guy wonder....
  4. Did you forget which one of your accounts you were logged into before posting?
  5. Please don't butcher the English language. Perhaps you can add whining about the state of the Education system to the list of grievances you send to the below on a monthly basis. Lol.
  6. Why not ask him to lay out his positions on toaster strudel and Charmain toilet paper while you're at it....
  7. You're not too bright are you? If the most leftist of news media organizations have to acknowledge that the narrative was incorrect, then it more than proves my point. That you are too dense to pick up on that point, does not in any way make me a hypocrite. It literally would not make any difference what data or article could be shown to you...you'd just do whatever mental gymnastics necessary to deflect. In fact, you may want to look up the very definition of hypocrite, and then stand in front of a mirror for awhile.
  8. Conflating $600M to media from government to sell an approved narrative vs grassroots money donated to truckers, and yet somehow coming to the conclusion that it is in any way an apples-to-apples comparison. Are you and Pool Pilot smoking from the same joint today? You do realize that the majority of those funds came out of Canada right? Nearly a quarter of Canadian convoy donations came from B.C., leaked data shows | CBC News Canadians Donated Half of Funds for Trucker Protest, Leaked Data Shows - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Derp derp GUNTER: More falsehoo
  9. You, literally, have not been able to shoot down even one of his posts yet.... Lol.
  10. 36,000 have not died of Covid in Canada. 36,000 are logged as having Covid in their system at the time of death....that is a huge difference.
  11. I'm not giving out contact info. What are you going to do if Contrail is gone...get the IS-BAO certifications, BARS standards, and OGC standards changed as well? You're beating a dead horse.
  12. This....I've sat through their meetings, and this is true. HAC is no savior.
  13. The standards Contrail enforces have come down considerably over the years. Where for single engine turbine, you used to need 1500tt and 1000hrs turbine, you are quite often seeing 1000tt and 250 turbine. It's an imperfect system, but the clients makes the rules, not the provider.
  14. I've been in the industry for 25 years.....the standards were there 25 years ago when I started. Companies not following them, doesn't change them existing.
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