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  1. Best of luck to all parties involved. I had the unfortunate occurance of needing a flight from these guys a few years back , and I must say they are one **** of a crew. Wishing you guys a speedy recovery. Greg
  2. Thanks for the info . I know that any job , you have to pay your dues and put in that little extra that gets noticed ... I've been there and done it. I've done jobs that I've hated ( slinging horse crap in stables) and I've done jobs that I've enjoyed ( working with the Ministry of Natural Resources here in Ontario) . In a little more than 2 years I went from a part-timer to upper management with a large Aftermarket Snowmobile parts company here in Canada . I put in the extra hours at work and gave that little extra to get the jobs done , but if I was ever told to work without paid overt
  3. Ya I've come to realize that . I could save a few thousand by taking the course through Gateway here in Sudbury , but there's a few extra benefits to taking it at Canadore ( maps , flight suit , helmet , different courses all paid for and a College certificate at the end of it all ). I've read and heard over the years that Canadore has a great program and has made a great name for itself in the industry and is known as one of the best in the country . Seeing they just spent multi-millions of dollars on their Aviation Campus and the fact that Nippissing University is nearby ( Teachers College f
  4. Bryan ..."If you have to ask why you should be a pilot. I suggest you look into something else. I'm sure most pilots out there, never asked anyone why i should be a pilot. If you have to ask someone why you should do something, it just might not be right for you." You've never questioned a career choice before?!?!? Here's the thing .. I've enjoyed planes and helicopters since I was a kid ... but have never flown one ( like anyone else before they got their license or training) ... so naturally I'm going to question it. It's good to hear the views of many different people about the indus
  5. Thanks for your reply . In all honesty , I haven't decided against a career as a pilot , and will most likely never work in the mines . My old man worked in the mines along with many familly members and friends .... it's not my kind of work . I was just using the mines as an example to spark a discussion as to why someone should become a helicopter pilot ( hoping the get all the PROs out , because I've read a lot of the CONs in this discussion). I've done the college route for a couple of years and have a Civil Engineering paper but it's time for something different . At 24, I
  6. Now that was helpful. :down: If you were an instructor or owned a flight training school , how would you sell the job to prospective students ?? Legitimate question ( atleast I think) . Tell me what the rewards are to spend $65 000 , be assigned jobs that have nothing to do with what you paid all that money for and still be nickel and diming at the end of the month to pay the bills . The reason I ask , is because MOST of these flight schools are telling ,or atleast giving the impression that fresh out , you can make $90 000 + a year. I didn't mean to come off sounding
  7. My first reply on these forums ... but I have been reading on here for a little while now . I have a few questions . I'm not a newbie , nor am I a vet pilot ... nor do I work in the aviation industry ... but I have always had an interest in helicopters and hope to one day get my license from a local school ( Gateway Helicopters possibly via Canadore College . My first concern is whats the reputation of Canadore/Gateway ? Their program is 8 months through the college .... around 6 months or so through Gateway in Sudbury. Now I don't want to sound like a whiner or a lazy worker
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