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  1. What Limits


    Or look up the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA) www.avaerocouncil.ca They have been doing CASO courses country-wide
  2. Well done to the Martin Creek guys, I know that they operate under difficult circumstances so a good positive outcome is a good boost to morale.
  3. I made my submission today raising points about the flight duty period having to include all before and after flight activities, commuting, home base and most importantly that as we attempt to reduce fatigue we increase stress and distraction.
  4. I use the wide FOV progressives and have had no difficulty reading or seeing what I need to see. Get the wide ones as the standard ones have a very narrow field of view which can affect your peripheral vision.
  5. Just ask the Inspectors if they plan to enforce this at 705 level as well. As soon as they hesitate, you know they are just confirming its BS.
  6. Its about time we all did a better job of looking after people. I challenge all co-workers and supervisors (including myself) to change our fundamental viewpoint that asking for time or help when the HUMAN FACTORS are stacking up is a sign of WEAKNESS when actually it is a sign of STRENGTH.
  7. Body found in wreckage - RIP http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/helicopter-pilot-s-body-found-amid-wreckage-1.1351346
  8. Here is a snippet from the TSB briefing Accident rate holding steady (not good, should be coming down) Risk factors leading to helicopter accidents Pilots with less than 1000 hours Pilots with less than 100 hours on type Flying in marginal VFR Controlled flight into terrain/water Recommended countermeasures by the TSB SMS Imcreased knowledge of limitations, regulations, ops manuals. The TSB intend to apply more pressure to TC to implement SMS, but in the end they can only recommend. By the way, all this information is available on the TSB website and please don't shoo
  9. I went, and I agree, well executed. Some of the speakers were a bit lightweight but its sometimes difficult to choose on the basis of a few lines of description which does not quite match up to what is said. I will be attending next year, though.
  10. Anything is possible with the right amount of money, lawyers and high explosive!
  11. Water is more of a priority than food if you consider that you could die of dehydration in three days, but last three weeks without food. I wouldn't want to drink muskeg water and snow or ice will take a large amount of energy to convert to water. Also any water source close to your crash site could be contaminated with fuel, oil or other fluids. Another question, why did you find yourself in a survival situation in the first place? Could you have chosen a different route with options to land near to habitation and roads, or did you land as soon as possible when you could have landed as s
  12. Just to clarify a couple of things that have come out of this. (Sorry O-T) Air Operators Certificates are issued (and taken away) by Transport Canada on behalf of the Minister of Transport. This ensures legal regulation through compliance with CARs and the Aeronautics Act. Once an AOC is issued, the Canadian Transportation Agency then issues a Licence for the Operator to provide an International or Domestic service, and is totally independent of the Department of Transport. This provides for economic regulation and this is why Alpine fell foul of the US ownership laws. Good luck wi
  13. And dealing with a triple fatality at the same time can't be easy. Sympathies with everyone involved.
  14. Either to the 'New' Alpine or Mustang
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