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  1. what about Furnace oil in a 6.0 Powerstroke? I got rid of the oil furnace at my place and have half a tank of the stuff left..... Anyone tried this?
  2. Very well put... and YOU are bang on! (speeking from personal experience)
  3. Was working in Labrador and a few line-cutters from Home (NL) had the mosquito coils Duct Taped to the bibs of their ball caps..... Worked pretty good..... I bet THEY felt pretty good too after a couple of hours!
  4. I second that! Its a 20 minute job to change it out at the most! Always have and always will make it a 100 hr item! Deffinatly worth the piece of mind
  5. You will need the chart corrector for sure. Also make sure the photocell is directly opposite the accelerometer across the center of rotation of the output shaft . When you get yer IPS and clock angle, put the target blade to the indicated clock angle using the chart corrector (Photocell is 12:00) and add weight opposite the accelerometer..... Works great..... If not, check trunnion centering/play (been an issue i've encountered in the past). Good Luck
  6. One person has been killed in a helicopter crash near Postville, Labrador. RCMP Sgt. Wayne Newell says a body has been recovered from the crash scene and will be taken to St. John's for autopsy. Newell couldn't confirm if the victim was the pilot, or if there were passengers in the helicopter when it went down. Newell says the plane caught fire shortly after it went down around 10:30 am, about 400 metres from the government wharf in Postville. The helicopter is extensively burned, and appears to be intact. The aircraft was owned by Newfoundland Helicopters Limited in Clarenville and had been c
  7. Just was told a machine went down just south of where we are workin' in Postville, Labrador. Was told it was a fatal. If it is true condolances to family and friends. This sucks!
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