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  1. I just left the Lillooet fires on Thursday for crew change and was shocked to hear about this yesterday. I did not get the oppertunity to talk alot with Bob but he seemed to be a very nice guy. My deepest simpathy to his family and friends and to Bruce and Ian. I can only hope that everyone else stays safe out there. R.I.P Bob Chopper_Doc
  2. That is almost right Superwrench. I worked at ateway for a long time and was one of the poor souls to be laid off. They kept just enough people to keep things going. All the machines were up for sale, but not all the machines are sold. They will be operating a small fleet this summer. They are in the same boat alot of other companies are in. Hopefully the minning market will bounce back sooner than later and things can get back to normal. I wish all the guys and girls at Gateway the best of luck and had tons of fun working with all of them. Tell your friends when they say Gateway has c
  3. As and engineer on the FX series and on the Soloy mod, i think i can put a different spin on it. I personally don't have much time on the Arriel 1D1, but i have been on the 2B1 for a bit now. I would much rather maintain a LTS101 than the Arriel. I have had no problems with the LTS's. Compressor wash are very important for the LTS's. Should be done atleast every 100 hrs. But there are 2 things i do not like about the LTS's. One is the fuel pump spline insp. every 300 or 600 hrs, depending on your mod status and two pulling the engine through shaft every 500 hrs. Other than that they ar
  4. Your right rotorheadrob. I am sorry all. I got a little upset about that message. This should be about the friends we have lost. I will greatly miss working with both of them. They were a real joy to work with. My deepest condolences to the families. Once again i am sorry all!!
  5. I got to answer a comment someone mention about me. I work in the industry. I happen to have worked with both people involve multiple times. So i would thank the person who made those comments to keep them to yourself. To date i had not heard that the wreckage or bodies were found. I wanted to make sure that it was true and not rumors that were started. So next time think before you post comments like that. Thanks twinstar_ca. I was just trying to get the facts straight. There is no hug for warner from me!!!
  6. Where are you guys getting the information that the wreckage has been found?
  7. I knew both guys that were involved. Both really great people. I realy hope things work out in the end but it does not sound very good at the moment. I will wait for more details to come out before I post what else I have heard. I want to make sure the information I got is correct before I accidently start any rumors. It has been a bad year for crashes everywhere, and I hope every flys and wrench's safe. Cheers Chopper_Doc
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