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  1. Salut Fred, Jette un coup d'oeil sur ce site : http://www.alpine-helicopters.ch/index.html Je pense qu'ils devraient avoir un système "remote-tq", sauf erreur. Je te souhaite plein de succès avec ton nouvel outil :-) A+ Fred
  2. Here it is... look that picture : http://www.airliners.net/photo/Eagle-Helic...euil/0985235/L/
  3. Have a look at this : http://www.alpine-helicopters.ch/ Never tried though! I'm quiet used with those floor windows and found the right position now .
  4. Bought mine with Helmet F/X (http://www.helmetfx.com/Aviation.htm) two years ago... excellent service and good price, if I remember: something around USD 1'500 for a LH150 with hush kit, CEP, Zeta liner and all "attenuating" options except ANR. I had a flexboom mounted on it but it didn't work propoerly and they changed it with bracket-mounted for free (just sent me the kit).
  5. Hahaha speedbird, well done! I was born in Switzerland, moved to follow my parents from Bahrein to many other places through Europe, with many other languages to learn (each time) and new friends to find. I was also born canadian as my father was already canadian... Now I'm back in Switzerland and fly there. What am I ?
  6. Hi paul, We use here the B3 up to 2'500 meters (8'200 ft) and then the Lama beats the B3 in all situations! Yop I know Bernd, he used to work very long for Air-Glaciers : realy nice guy actualy... say hello from me if you meet him again ok? Many happy flying hours with your Lama! Fred
  7. Fantastic airship... we still use it a lot here in Switzerland, especialy for hot & high in the Alps. Hey Gab, does the one Paul owns have LOM's or classic blades? Here some pictures I took of ours... and another one of the Alouette III I flew during an avalanche rescue this winter : great aircraft too!!!
  8. Thanks guys. As far as I remember the Soloy is much more greasy (as usual with Lycomings) and a bit slower to react, due to its internal architecture. We would use the helicopter for slinging operations (short high power settings) and also heliskiing in winter. One thing is sure : we rarely operate beyond 5'000 feets and are asked very often to bring loads up to 12'000 feets. Can't wait to read your comments and thanks for all what you allready gave me.
  9. Hi Folks! I'm looking for some information (as much as you can give me!) concerning the AS350 powered with the LTS-101-SD2. I used to fly that A/C last year and just heard that European authorities granted them a certificate. My actual employer is interested but I flew that A/C at max. 5'000 feets and now never fly under 5'000 feets... in the swiss alps. Does anybody have flown it in the mountains, under hot & high conditions? How would you compare it (performances, costs, maintenance, fuel consumption, ...) with the B2? Thanks a lot for your help and many happy hours in the air,
  10. I always calculate OGE performances when landing is planed at such high altitudes... IGE isn't realistic for these kinds of operations! Attached a «mountain landing planification» I created and used when preparing my mountain qualification in Switzerland some years ago... I still use it when flying in unknown places... Happy nobody has been hurt! PWB_flightprep.pdf
  11. Five days so far... scrappy Wx here in Postville and I need my 1'000 ft AGL for backgrounds (towing a bird!). Been here for three weeks and flew less than 20 hours... some customers have money to loose
  12. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a PDF copy of the SA315B Lama's AFM. I have a printed version at home (in Switzerland) but I'd like to have a copy for my laptop... much easier when you travel :-) ! Keep in touch if you know anything, ok ? Thanks in advance... Fred
  13. Bought mine with Helmet F/X : excellent service and good price !
  14. #1 - Lama #2 - Alouette III #3 - Astars #4 - Anything that flies with a rotor
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