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  1. Howdy, One of our Astars is equipped with all bose headsets that are powered through the aircrafts electrical system. Our headset jack are the LEMO type jacks for these AC powered headsets. Its a bit of a pain in the arse because now I can't use my helmet when I fly the Astar as my helmet has the standard helicopter jack. Does anyone know of any sort of LEMO/helicopter jack adapter?
  2. i just picked up one of those SPOT personal satellite trackers last week.....its not aircraft specific, lots of hikers,pilots and such are using it....i first heard about it at oshkosh this july......its pretty neat...costs $170 for the unit and about $100 a year for the service subscription...it basically uses gps satellites to track your flight/hike/what have you.....who ever your person responsible for flight watch is can look on google earth and see your exact track for the entire trip...it also has a couple different functions that can send messages to your flight watch or 911 if you req
  3. Taylor.....nice to see a newer member in the industry that actually shows some concern and thinks about others. The relevent point I want to make here is not so much about aircraft improvments, but the people that operate them. As aircraft developed, they have, become more reliable (safer)........as the industry grew, demands on the aircraft and its flight crews became more complex and demanding. Statistics show that its rarely a fault of the aircraft if an accident occurs, but it's the "human factor" that is the cause. Crew resource management, pilot decision making courses, e
  4. my final response to fuel tank thread ....no reply necessary whew! fellas, fellas......we're all supposed to be on the same team here......i appreciate the support here aswell as everyones seperate views regarding the matter and believe it or not...i agree with all of them..........this topic is very much a personal matter for me as i had a buddy pass away in a firey car wreck a few years back, and to think about "going" while stuck in a burning helicopter and possibly still concious is an unbearable thought for me to comprehend. As i am understanding here, this is
  5. i sent an email to TC ...i dont expect this one email from a kid to make a huge difference but im curious to see what their response is to this matter....if anything it just gives me a sense of well being knowing that i asked the question to the minister of transport canada civil aviation, hello, name is Taylor M. Im an 18 year old commercially licensed fixed wing pilot,helicopter AME apprentice, and aspiring commercial helicopter pilot. A great concern within the helicopter industry regarding the safety of helicopter crews and passengers in re
  6. Im assuming hes talking about good old Abbotsford BC........maybe?!?
  7. G'day, i dont know how many of you have air drills in their box but i have a question for those who do. Im looking to get an air drill and was wondering what some of your opinions are as to which drills would be a wise choice to get....im basically looking for something small,compact,variable speed, and reversable. Thanks in advance. Cheers, TM :punk:
  8. thanks for your input.......i checked out the website....it looks like some nice stuff....the only bummer is the warranty....one year cheers, TM
  9. Hey gang, one of the AME's from the AMO that im apprenticing at came back from HAI in Huston last month with some new tools from a company called Pan Amercian Tool Corporation. I believe the company is based out of florida. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this company or has used any of these tools and if you have any feedback as to the quality of them?!? Cheers, Taylor.
  10. excuse my ignorance, my lack of knowledge and being off topic, but what is a "pool" pilot? Cheers, TM.
  11. im not a huge fan of craftsman...ive had to replace most of it.....mastercraft has done me fairly well but honestly......if your going to make a career out of this industry......consider buying tools as an investment.......dont cheap out....buy a well known name with a lifetime warranty....i know snap-on is expensive but theyre one of, if not THE best brand going and the warranty service is outstanding.......as the saying goes..."buy quality, buy once" my 2 cents TM
  12. www.heliproducts.com b2 and sd2 build ups and soloy conversions are their specialty :up:
  13. i had a similar problem going for my medical.....in the beginning...TC gave me a restricted medical....i ended up going to my regular eye doctor for some tests and he ended up sending tC a letter saying that my eyesight met TC requirements...2 weeks later i got an unrestricted medical in the mail.. :up:
  14. lineworker, i bought a David Clack x11 ANR headset last year when I started flying. The active cancellation is awsome, it mutes out quite a bit of the engine noise. The problem with most ANR headsets is that they have very little passive cancellation. As you were saying, yes the ANR is basically shifting/matching the sound wave frequency to make it seem to your ears that all is quiet. The down side to ANr, which I am just beginning to notice, is that the harmful waves are still getting to my ears, (whether you can hear it or not) and I can now notice a bit of a hearing problem developing
  15. Principles of helicopter flight by WJ Wagtendonk is pretty good. I also personally think getting a hold of a copy of the jeppesen helicopter maintenence book is a wise idea. Just my thoughts. Both of these books are available at aviation world. Cheers TM
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