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  1. Awesome ! A pilots dream machine. A true Heavy-Lifter that most operators couldn't afford to operate at a profit.
  2. Nice, :up: I can't wait to try those "Speed Holes" out. Thanks Ng, Cheers
  3. :up: SWEET :up: Although it's going to be tough to beat the "Heavy Lifter" I'm used to driving :punk:
  4. The industry has known the Fastfin is good thing for a while now. Nice to finally see some published data supporting the mod. :up: FAA APPROVES BELL 212 HELICOPTER FLIGHT MANUAL SUPPLEMENT, INCREASING PERFORMANCE WITH BLR AEROSPACE FASTFIN SYSTEM EVERETT, WA, October 20, 2011 – BLR Aerospace, a name synonymous with outstanding performance enhancement technologies that increase the capabilities of rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft by manufacturers such as Bell Helicopter and Hawker Beechcraft, today announced an FAA-certified performance increase for its Bell 212 FastFin® System. The FAA has approved a Flight Manual Supplement (FMS) certifying up to 500 pounds of additional out-of-ground effect hover performance for Bell 212s equipped with FastFin. The same approval is expected soon from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). With the FastFin® System, most Bell 212 operators will increase their useful load between 10% and 15%. “Helping the Bell helicopter community fly more productively and more safely is a priority for BLR,” said Dave Marone, BLR’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “The FastFin® System clearly delivers the performance benefits operators need and want.” Installation of the FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System kit involves modifying a helicopter tailboom with two parallel strips (known as Dual Tailboom Strakes), and reshaping the vertical fin to optimize airflow around the tailboom. This field installed kit delivers a range of important benefits to operators who fly the modified aircraft. More than 75 FastFin® Systems have been sold for Bell 412 helicopters since the system was FAA certified in July 2010, and EASA certification is imminent. The system’s advantages — including up to 1,250 pounds of additional in-ground effect hover — are so strong that Bell Helicopter has made the FastFin® System standard on new Bell 412EPs. Jiggler
  5. Would the purchase of a flight helmet be an eligible deduction. Employment/Safety supplies?
  6. Three of Canada's finest have joined the crew in the sandbox, let's wish em luck, lord knows they may need it. Robbie, Gord and Mike, Be cool brothers. Jiggler
  7. US government is looking to place another 50 civilian helicopters into Afghanistan. https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/USTC/USTRANSCOM...lo/listing.html Looks as though the Canadians already there have done a great job of paving the way for those that follow, keep up the good work gang. Safe journeys to those that go. Jiggler
  8. It would appear I should use the spell check option more frequently... Air Rescue Systems www.airrescuesystems.com
  9. Precious, Try Air Recue Systems out of california. That's what we are using on our 212's and 205's down south. (USFS and US Park Service). Not sure if their Belly band or "Bridle" as they refer to it is Transport Canada approved or not. Set up is very similar to any of Emergco's systems. www.airrescuesytems.com Jiggler
  10. Siller Bros S64 hit by lightning at McCall airport. Four engineers injured, two serious! http://mccallstarnews.com
  11. :down: JEEZUS Old Dog, You are obviously standing in the shallow end of the pool yourself! You're empathy and respect for the families of those involved knows no limits. Pull your head out of your arse and take a look around, see any friends? Didn't think so! Jiggler
  12. Whoa there now fellas. Lets not go gettin all crazy and start making decisions that follow some sort of common sense. I mean Jeezus, next thing you know they will want us to start actually puttin these fires out. All sarcasm aside, It's about frickin time. How many times have we all been standing around Heli-base with our fingers up our noses all morning on a large fire, when we could actually be dropping water while the fire is laying low, only to wait until mid/late afternoon when the Temp and RH cross over and the Fire behavior becomes extreme. The Mother Lovin Overhead team finally launches the air show only to find that its near impossible to hold the fire because by now the flames are standing up 100' over the canopy and spotting 100 yds ahead. Kudos to San Diego Fire Dept for giving they're crew the tools and training to actually fight these fires 24/7. They have arguably the best flight crew in North America, the best equipment and obviously the best management team supporting the whole operation. They appear to be setting the standard the rest us in the fire fighting world can only aspire too. Jiggler
  13. Kudo's to our very own "407Driver" While doing some Mtn top repeater work for the Feds today, he notices a light plane fly into a narrow Mtn valley below, steep terrain, low airspeed and right before his very eyes, Viola' another one bites the dust! He quickly gathers up some of the local Sar Techs and three lucky folks survive a very serious situation. This guy just keeps on saving folks with his incredible ability to be in the right place at the right time. Keep up the good work brother! :punk:
  14. Recently near Chico California. Not really a camp as far as camps go but still, 14 hour days on the ramp waiting for a fire to bust a move gets pretty darn boring. 100+ degrees out, cranky fire fighters acting like junk yard dogs that haven't had a good bite in a while, it's obviously a great time to break out the Honda generator, espresso machine and blender and whip up a bach of Frappachinos for the crew. Next problem. The caffeine junkies are jacked up with nothing to do...obviously a great time for differently-abled baseball. ("Retard-Ball" just sounds so offside and wrong) but the deal was that we could only use our "wrong" hands to throw the ball (Tennis), swing the bat (Stick), etc. It was awsome, after two hours of special olympics baseball we had to quit because our sides hurt too much from laughing. Everyone agreed...one the best days of fire fighting, Ever! :punk: Jiggler
  15. Hello all, I am posting to get some info on Mr Wood's memorial service. Dick taught me how to fly, I wanted to attend his service but was unable because of USFS contract issues that did not allow for an easy replacement pilot. There will be no sunshine in my cockpit for a very, very long time since he has left us! Mr Wood was an amazing training pilot and I wanted to share one very important lesson he taught me. I had been training with Dick for a couple of months and was feeling pretty darn good about how things were going, I asked Dick how I measured up against the other students (thinking of course that I was quite advanced) His answer is with me every time I lift off to this day... After a considerable pause He said, You know what, you're so very far behind this aircraft that you won't be hurt when you crash! Hubris Or Egos have no place in the cockpit. After that I considerd a career selling Ice cream from a Dickie-Dee bicycle cart a logical next step But Dick convinced Me to persevere and every time I lift off, I owe him an unpayable debt to this day. Jiggler
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