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  1. I recently returned home to BC after 2 years flying in Nepal. Early in my career I did the 20 hour mountain course at Chinook with KO as my instructor. Much of my flying has been in the mountains, but I was pleased to discover that the Canadian mountain flying techniques work just as well up to 23000’ as they do below 10000’. Thanks KO, R.I.P. Glad I got to call him from Nepal and say thanks for the mountain training before he passed. The good thing about training is you don’t have to learn just by trial and error. I’ve tried that method with bad results, and prefer to learn from others mist
  2. The one thing I strongly object to is the new 12 hours alcohol free reg. If truly followed this makes a beer or glass of wine prohibited with dinner. This is simply mean spirited. 10 hours bottle to throttle would have been a safety upgrade without making it almost impossible to legally have one drink with dinner. No one wants to fly hung over, however a beer after a long day at work is one of life’s little pleasures. I agree 8 hours bottle to throttle has been abused by some but 10 hours is safe and reasonable. I’ve worked for some companies with a 10 hour SOP in Ops Manual and this doesn’t
  3. I had the Lightspeed Zulu installed in my old Gentex helmet and absolutely love it. Flighthelmets.com did the install 18 months ago it was about $1100. they provided the Lighspeed. I’ve had zero problems and almost 1000 hours of quiet, music, and phone enabled use since then. I actually hear the machine better with the ANR. Subtle sounds come through but it cancels the loud drone. And radio comms are almost a joy. Full convert would never go back. I have radio, Zulu, and ICS volumes about 25%. Clear and quiet makes for a happy cockpit.
  4. Contact http://freeride-entertainment.com/services/
  5. I use the Otterbox case for my IPad, and it comes with a clip in holder. I screwed a ram ball mount onto the back of the case holder and voila it mounts onto the dash mounted GPS ram ball with a medium size arm.
  6. I wasn't sure if the IPad foreflight combo was the way to go so I bought a used IPad 3 with Retina display and the data/internal gps for $300. Subscribed to foreflight a year ago and now I'm a convert. Initially bought a 6500 milliamp back up battery but now I have a cannon plug set up with 24v dual USB adapter. Can charge the phone too. I found a free app TopoCanada where you can download the 1:50k and 1:250k topo maps. It's orders of magnetitude better than a 296 with mapsource topo. I also sometimes load the area I'm working with gogglearth and you can zoom in and watch yourself move throug
  7. I agree with HV on this one, and have changed my briefing to say only approach/depart from the side. I had a close call last summer, landed at the toe of a glacier with rough broken boulders to unload a bunch of gear. There was only one place level enough to land and it was close to a moraine sloping up under the front of the disc. The plan was for me to stay running and the crew unload the gear which was in both squirrel cheeks and the rear cargo. I briefed the crew right then before I let them out not to go uphill under any circumstance and to stay immediately in front going from one side to
  8. Much of my flying here in Alaska is coastal so 70% of the time have pop outs. I would take water over trees any time because I can float. Keep the Sat phone handy in a dry bag so I can call for a ride if the ship rolls upside down and we are left clinging. With out floats it makes me wonder. Just going for a swim here could be your last (remote) let alone struggling out of a sinking wreck.
  9. Oh goodness, please lets not start that debate here. How about them Canucks.
  10. Strength to Dave's family coworkers and friends. This is a terrible loss and not someone I would ever have thought to go down. Flew with Dave in the Whistler area and remember humorous times at the gym there. He was one of the pilots that inspired me to make the transition from guiding to flying. No words to describe...
  11. Oh Darn did my AS350 PCC today. Could have used your new book last week in my studying. Will definitely order one. Thanks for all your work Phil.
  12. Wow I'm a lot more experienced than I thought. Have logged "air time" all along except for some time instructing where the "industry norm" was oil pressure hobbs. My first 100 hours training was "first lift off to last landing" at a bigger school in BC. So this season if I had logged per ICAO I would have repeatedly broke flight time limits. Many days were close to 8 hours air time which was often way over 10 rotors turning. I didn't do much sitting idling like some jobs, just a lot of landings per "flight". Industry has a lot at stake here as do all our customers and last (perhaps le
  13. I agree LB. We should log PIC from rotor start to stop, and air time skids up. That is the clean and simple way that reflects what helicopters do. Flight time limits would likely be based on air time though let TC and HAC hammer that out.
  14. Thanks for all your effort Chad. It will be interesting to see what comes back from TC. As others have pointed out the "industry norm" seems to be, log air time plus a .1 for the start/stop cycle. Previously this would often underlog, now this would overlog. Seems like there is a problem with fixed wing terminology as applied to helicopters. No one can argue you are Pilot In Command from rotor start to stop. Technically we should all log two things: PIC and Air Time (skids up). I will still log Air Time anytime I have the collective up since I'm flying even if the skids are touching. Unles
  15. Thank goodness for all the job openings I can finally return to Canada. Here is another perspective. Out of my class of 20 in '07 I think 3 of us are employed pilots now. It has been extremely difficult to get going since '08. You are right P5 there isn't a shortage of mid to high timers. There is a shortage of 1 to 2 K pilots though cause the flow stopped. Yahoo coming home from Alaska. Thanks for your advice by PM Dick.
  16. Oops I apologize that was in very poor taste and I instantly regret it. Moderators please remove.
  17. RIP to the pilot of SN 10 who lost his life in what sounds like an in flight break-up. Accident occurred in SD this weekend, little info while NTSB investigating.
  18. Can't agree more. Yesterday was one of those magical days. Loving life and very grateful to be doing what we do. Fall is here in Alaska, amazing colours as the bush turns every hue of gold to red. Landed on a glacier by 11500' peaks with new snow down to 5000' and saw fat brown bears, bull moose, goats, eagles, swans herding together to fly south... Took off at first light with a laminar 30 kt tailwind and caught the sun coming up over the Chugach creating that circular moving rainbow which travelled with me for most of a Pink Floyd album. Landed at a remote lodge and fed breakfast before
  19. Hey Daz, Ditto on the studying. Keep your head in the game. Check weather daily, plan imaginary flights to places you haven't been, review regs, read the AIM regularly, etc... You can do the ICAO conversion of your TC commercial to the FAA private with just paperwork. Then you can fly in the US for $200. hour or less to stay current every now and then. Get a flight simulator and practise instrument flying. Look at google earth for an area that interests you, plan a flight there like it's the real thing, dial in the simulator and fly there. Practise with the mop and broom, thos
  20. Do the ICAO conversion of your TC CPL to an FAA private which is just paperwork. It will take minimum one week and can be up to six weeks. Then you can fly in the US logging the night PIC even with an instructor. You can find an R22 for cheap with a "time building" CFI in the $150. hour range, or go to one of the numerous schools for $230. to $300. per hour. I would do it with you here in Alaska but would have to wait till fall when we get night again and I'm not so busy doing 135 and 133 work. PM me if you do want US contacts I know CFI's who can help you in Washington State too.
  21. I've been using the spot as a tracking device for 2 years now and have been really happy with it. Just recently purchased the spot connect which cost me $149. show special at the Alaska Airmen Association aviation tradeshow. Kept my previous spot service but added 100 free texts for $29. So far it's operated as promised. It takes a little more effort to turn on the tracking function from my phone than just turning on the buttons on the old one. As a result I now turn it on once and leave it on much longer since I don't want to fiddle with it once blades are turning. Will likely chew through mo
  22. Here's the video link for the Hotelicopter. Surprised some of you old hands making the big bucks don't own one yet.
  23. Hi All I need someone to drive my car from Pemberton BC to Girdwood AK ASAP. I will pay for the gas. This would be a great opportunity for a lowtimer to hit the road and hand deliver resumes. I can put you up for a few days if you want to spend some time in the Chugach Mountains but you would have to get home from Anchorage. 604-938-ERIC
  24. Thanks for producing the 206 book Phil. I put it to good use, and looking forward to the AS350 book soon. Let us know when it's ready. An iBooks version is a good idea.
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