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  1. As a 200 hour wonder, I had to check out the website. But just looking at the "helicopter" they were using, and the mention of volunteering..... Ya no thank you. If I want to volunteer I'd go down to the SPCA, or help someone move a couch. And no way I'd fly that thing. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Any thought on how this will affect low timers? With potentially more pilots needed, perhaps a few more low time guys will be able to get established in the industry.
  3. For an update from the original poster (me!), called TC (Winnipeg office) and got an answering machine, left a message explaining my situation, that my 90 day temporary was almost expired and I request an extension. Actually got a call back from TC, said they haven't processed it yet, and will send out an extension. Got it in the mail after a week, and the week after that got my actual endorsement in the mail. Seems like such an efficient place.... Oh well I've got my endorsement and that's all I needed.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has had to wait a looooong time to receive an endorsement back from TC. Got my 206 endorsement (yaaa!) and sent in all the appropriate paperwork to my local TC office (Whitehorse). They sent it to the main northern/prairies office in Winnipeg. That was in mid November. Still haven't received anything in the mail yet. Tried calling them but just get an answering machine. Super annoying!
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