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  1. The company wont change that much as i trained with Rudy at Pan-Air Helicopters in the early 80s.The ops mgr at that time was Murray Cheslock and he was in charge of the Niagra division along with Rudy.Murray is now the ops mgr at HTC and is a wonderful person who knows Rudy very well and will keep the operation running smoothly.Its a good decision as Rudy has done his time and needs a break.Im proud of Rudy and his accomplisments....enjoy the ride.
  2. so sad.....God be with them and their families
  3. no he had a heart-attack the day before his court date...mmmmm
  4. About 15 years ago an enstrom was doing a film job over the frazer river.The guy filming didnt have a harness on and fell to his death.The pilot who is no longer alive was charged with manslaughter.
  5. its kind of like facebook...addictive but harmful sometimes.
  6. Pan-Air Helicopters Metcalfe ont.1982 ,instructor Murray Cheslock.Great school and then employed by them at Niagara base.Miss the falls and the women.
  7. Pan-Air Helicopters in Metcalfe Ontario...82.Owned the operation at Niagra Falls.Murray Cheslock instructor(great guy).Enstrom helicopters with 206b and L.
  8. so sad to hear.i know he is flying somewhere.i learned so much from him.
  9. be grateful you have a job.i feel for the guys...they all have families like most of us.
  10. wouters i beleive.. i trained with pan-air in 82.good guy conviced me to fly.good family, wifes name was nancy and had a son that looked just like him.
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