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  1. Well, Delta is only using two of it's visas this year, and one is a multi year employee who has shown himself to be a excellent driver, im not sure where all the imported working stuff is comming from. The other funny talkers are all on their own deals, discuss that with Turdo I guess? A quick listen on the radio during a local large campaign fire will tell anyone that imported workers are far from just a Delta thing.
  2. I'd like to know who Reaper works for? Must be an amazing company full of flawless super pilots. Pretty low to single out a company on an open forum, anonymously. So pipe up, who are you, and who do you work for? Maybe a little background will validate your accusations? I work for Delta. They treat me far better then most of the other operators ive been with. I get along with all my coworkers, there is little or no drama, i get paid appropriately and on time. Not much to complain about.
  3. 6&6 was my dream shift. Perfect when I was overseas, but domestic work doesn't fit with 90% of my flying April to September. I'd settle for a predictable 3&2 these days.
  4. Agreed. Did my IFR in ‘merica. They’re nuts.
  5. You’ll buy it, you know you will. Chapter 7 will be Shakey Hare. Fresh from the fence line, in a bacon cream sauce. Tomorrow’s dinner BTW
  6. This forum has always been full of sandy vaginas. A lot of entitlement and longing for “The good’ol days”.
  7. C28, get used to scrubbing tail booms. I’d rather fly an LR.
  8. More then a few cups of fermented yak’s milk in his future.
  9. If you made a list of all the places i’ve worked, it’s admittedly not near the top, but it’s miles from the bottom. I think a lot of you are just spoiled
  10. I just got back from Rainbow. Nice gym, place to myself mostly. Great time of year to catch up on reading, practice a few recipes i’m working on. Or whine online like a little *****. mileage may vary.
  11. I have my IFR, it landed me some interesting international jobs, but if i wanted to sit in a cockpit and do next to nothing, and see next to nothing, I would have gone fixed wing.
  12. If that’s all it takes to ruin your year, may I recommend a safe space, or starbucks?
  13. I’m a canadain citizen/resident but also have a FAA CPLH-IFR, mediums, longlines, blah blah blah, and have found it pretty much impossible to work for a US company. Even discussed it will a stateside immigration lawyer. not that companies down there don’t want to hire me, but getting the visa is quite a thing. FAA rego companies outside of the continental US is a different story.
  14. ^Norm 13yrs in here, and i still have to clean the crew house and toilets every tour. They don’t make low timers like they used to...
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