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  1. Nicest guy you'll meet with a lovely family. Worked and lived with him quite a bit over the last year.
  2. The pilot was a dear friend and will be greatly missed. He was a mentor when i was a 100hr idiot and went out of his way to train me on and off the job. He kept me alive when I took my first job overseas as a 200hr driver, one that I was gloriously under qualified for, shitting my self daily, being always available for a phone call and advice. Many of the tips and tricks I share today with our younger pilots I learned from him. Still very hard to believe he's gone. One of the most capable and experienced pilots I have ever had the good fortune to know.
  3. Shoot them all. All legitimate data, and peer reviewed studies, points to a massive surplus of wolves. Save a moose, shoot a wolf.
  4. If anyone, probably Heli-Source.
  5. No shortage of 'tards in the Okanagan with 44's.
  6. C'mon. Why wouldn't you? High Level is the new Thompson.
  7. Built this one in spring, has worked so far with a hickup in 'Berta. Baofeng_BF-F8HP 2020 AFS.img
  8. Valemount adds another 42nm to the trip. Might be unavoidable though.
  9. Anyone keeping a 206 or similar in Blue River over summer? Buddy & I looking for an hour recce flight, no landings.
  10. The drones are made of a lot of plastic, a petrochemical derivative They are made in China. Human rights abuses, Environmental disaster, Covid, Sars, etc Lithium mining for the batteries has a massive carbon footprint. Better for the Environment? Debatable.
  11. I routinely fly 204's built in the 60's that are still thundering around the flatlands.
  12. A few from the equalization payment province sitting in the YOJ field of dreams. Most are from BC though.
  13. Where else would geriatric super-pilots and 100hr wonders get to jerk each other off if Vertical shut this place down? Think of the industry heros we would never know existed. The horror.
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