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  1. Billable? I budget for 300, usually go well over that. Best year over 750, doubt that will ever happen again.
  2. Worked overseas in and out of aviation. Highly recommend it. If nothing else it gives you perspective.
  3. 6&6 was my dream shift. Perfect when I was overseas, but domestic work doesn't fit with 90% of my flying April to September. I'd settle for a predictable 3&2 these days.
  4. Agreed. Did my IFR in ‘merica. They’re nuts.
  5. You’ll buy it, you know you will. Chapter 7 will be Shakey Hare. Fresh from the fence line, in a bacon cream sauce. Tomorrow’s dinner BTW
  6. This forum has always been full of sandy vaginas. A lot of entitlement and longing for “The good’ol days”.
  7. C28, get used to scrubbing tail booms. I’d rather fly an LR.
  8. More then a few cups of fermented yak’s milk in his future.
  9. I have my IFR, it landed me some interesting international jobs, but if i wanted to sit in a cockpit and do next to nothing, and see next to nothing, I would have gone fixed wing.
  10. If that’s all it takes to ruin your year, may I recommend a safe space, or starbucks?
  11. I’m a canadain citizen/resident but also have a FAA CPLH-IFR, mediums, longlines, blah blah blah, and have found it pretty much impossible to work for a US company. Even discussed it will a stateside immigration lawyer. not that companies down there don’t want to hire me, but getting the visa is quite a thing. FAA rego companies outside of the continental US is a different story.
  12. ^Norm 13yrs in here, and i still have to clean the crew house and toilets every tour. They don’t make low timers like they used to...
  13. Most certainly a tone issue. I think it's more formatting through chirp though, as the tones for Fireline all work fine. I'll keep playing with it and post up the file if successful
  14. I have the same radio, and am trying to build a Chirp file for the Alberta Freq's. Having a **** of a time trying to get the repeaters (firenet) to work. FireLine working fine. Anyone have any suggestions? Rx is great, but no Tx.
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