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  1. Built this one in spring, has worked so far with a hickup in 'Berta. Baofeng_BF-F8HP 2020 AFS.img
  2. Valemount adds another 42nm to the trip. Might be unavoidable though.
  3. South End? Has he tried Alpine in Golden?
  4. Anyone keeping a 206 or similar in Blue River over summer? Buddy & I looking for an hour recce flight, no landings.
  5. The drones are made of a lot of plastic, a petrochemical derivative They are made in China. Human rights abuses, Environmental disaster, Covid, Sars, etc Lithium mining for the batteries has a massive carbon footprint. Better for the Environment? Debatable.
  6. I routinely fly 204's built in the 60's that are still thundering around the flatlands.
  7. A few from the equalization payment province sitting in the YOJ field of dreams. Most are from BC though.
  8. Where else would geriatric super-pilots and 100hr wonders get to jerk each other off if Vertical shut this place down? Think of the industry heros we would never know existed. The horror.
  9. Nah, just do an afternoon of lorzban and deal with a neck like a rutting buck the next day. She'll be right, mate!
  10. It could go to a company that has been sending heavies to Alberta for years that try to run over other pilots in the circuit every time they launch. It will be an interesting summer.
  11. We were just discussing filling a spray machine with bear spray.
  12. If it's a Cdn Griffon, 70% chance they're lost, and circling until their TomTom gets reception.
  13. Medivac and Tourism are the smallest (by a large margin) segments of the Canadian industry. Tourism is just about cost prohibitive, and there are very very few medivac operations. A very important lesson to learn when researching Pilot careers is to immediately dismiss any information that comes from south of the border. The Canadian helicopter industry is on another planet.
  14. 13yrs in the industry. Grew up around american IFR offshore pilots so had VERY skewed expectations when I got my license and started out in the Canadian industry. Be prepared to give 100% into the industry or don't even try. Have a backup plan and learn to live with extreme frugality for the first few years. Very few guys that get their license ever make a career of it. If you're ambitious and have a good work ethic you can make a great life of it. I'm currently loving life in mediums, working for a company that keeps me as busy as I want to be. I've flown in Africa, Europe, across the US, Canada, and the ugly side of the Caribbean. I'm had beers with high ranking political figures, TV and Movie stars, been shot at, arrested, hospitalized more then once. It's been a fantastic ride, but not without it's sacrifices. You'll work with amazing people, at both ends of the scale. You'll burn through friends and lovers at a pace thar usually mirrors your long shifts away. You'll miss birthday's, furnerals, and many other events people consider significant. It gets better the longer you're in, but the first few years are rough. Visit helicopter companies, talk to pilots and engineers. Believe nothing you read on the internet or are told by flight schools. Good luck!
  15. Went through that about 8yrs ago when I got my FAA for an overseas gig. **** near impossible unless you have an extremely unique skill set. US Aviation protects it's industry.
  16. Anyone have a line on an Edmonton source? Everyone I ask goes cross-eyed here.
  17. Billable? I budget for 300, usually go well over that. Best year over 750, doubt that will ever happen again.
  18. Worked overseas in and out of aviation. Highly recommend it. If nothing else it gives you perspective.
  19. 6&6 was my dream shift. Perfect when I was overseas, but domestic work doesn't fit with 90% of my flying April to September. I'd settle for a predictable 3&2 these days.
  20. Agreed. Did my IFR in ‘merica. They’re nuts.
  21. You’ll buy it, you know you will. Chapter 7 will be Shakey Hare. Fresh from the fence line, in a bacon cream sauce. Tomorrow’s dinner BTW
  22. This forum has always been full of sandy vaginas. A lot of entitlement and longing for “The good’ol days”.
  23. C28, get used to scrubbing tail booms. I’d rather fly an LR.
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