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  1. Very true Skidz. Thanks for the feedback! Phil
  2. Thanks for all the info! Looks like it's a gamble either way! Skidz, thanks for the question, good place to start. I have my medical, and have visited the schools yesterday. They all have their strengts and weaknesses but one thing I don't get is how someone with less than 250 hours PIC can expect to teach someone about the industry and how to fly for that matter. Personnally, if I will take knowledge from someone, I will look for a mentor that has done what I plan on doing. If I want to work in the woods, mountains, long line I will learn from someone who worked in the woods and has con
  3. Thanks Volition! What about the job offer thing? Anyone want to shed a bit of light on how they penetrated into the industry once they got their CPL.
  4. Hello again, Looks like the first post generated interest, however no response. Hoping this will break the ice. Do any of you work with pilots that have trained in Montreal? I am considering two schools which I will visit next week, however one seems to have been around longer and the other states that they hire some of their graduates. What would you guys do? Also, I'm curious to know how all of you landed your first jobs. How did you do it? Where was it? How long ago? Are there companies that are know to hire low hour pilots or is it mostly a "being at the right place r
  5. How does anyone get started in this Industry? How do you select where to take your training? What are realistic expectations for the first couple years (Income)? These are all questions that I've been asking myself for the past few weeks. I am in my mid 20s, looked into training about 4 years ago in Ontario but the funds we're simply not available. I have since then invested to make sure I had enough to get the training, however now, more and more questions keep coming up; which is why I am now turning to all you seasoned pilots to help shed some light on this dream career! I am cons
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