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  1. Shooter, 400 THS and 438e ETAH are not "non-operational".


    If you meant to say that they are not primary manoeuvre units in support of deployed operations, you would be correct. They do, however, support domestic operations directly as well as contribute to deployed operations through force generation and pers augmentation.





    If it makes you feel better you can keep the word "operational", the point being they don't deploy on anything except the odd domestic op and are used as feeder units for the three "primary manoeuvre units". Hence the reason they are mainly reservist units and often considered for demobilization.


    Sorry - didn't get my coffee this morning :wacko:

  2. Shooter.


    Definetly not trying to slam anyone,,met all kinds in my short flying career.I know things are different on the military side,I just want to make sure I have the aptitude,and atittude before I make any drastic life changes.

    I served three years in 1RCR many years ago,and I enjoyed somethings,and disliked other things.

    You mentioned being away 6-8 months,,is this a normal for the long term,or is the Aphgan mission requiring more than the usual from the units?


    Also I'm not thinking of the reserves because of the current downturn in the industry.My job is secure,and well paying,and any interest is purely a personl goal\career goal.


    Thanks for all the info Shooter,and Huddy

    I'm sure I'll dream up more questions.



    The Afghan mission is definately stretching things thin, but if you are posted to an operational squadron (like 408) you are kept busy doing your own training as well as training the army for their missions. That means supporting exercises in Wainwright, Suffield, Shilo etc etc. If you go full time then I would expect at least 4-5 months away spread over the year. There are two full time reserve squadrons 400 and 438 that are mostly reservist and non-operational. They still do alot of support but they don't deploy as squadrons.


  3. Hopefully this thread won't degenerate into a military vs civie thread - there's enough of those.


    If you decide to go full time reservist (or reg force), for me anyways, it basically is a trade-off with what you value at the time. In the military you get good pay, good job security and get to do some pretty cool stuff.


    But... you forefit the ability to choose where you live, you will be away from home - alot (6-8 months a year is not uncommon) and you no longer have the option of saying no if you don't like the mission/job.


    If you're an hours hog then you will definately get more time on the civie side. But personally, how much I fly is not as important as what I'm doing during those hours.


    I've done all three at this point, full-time military, reserve and civie. Send me a PM if you want any other info.

  4. It's a good move... as long as you have the right motivation. The reserve helicopter program has been abused in the past by guys just joining until they have the muti-engine rating and/or instrument rating then leaving. There's nothing that pisses off the reg force pilots more than someone taking up all helicopter time, training and resources then contributing nothing back.


    And by contributing I hope you plan on going to Afghanistan, because that's where 408 is right now.


    That said there have been a few reservists who bring value to the squadrons and go on missions, taskings, deployments etc and free up some of the reg force guys to spend a few more days at home.


    My point being, make sure you think about this as a long term plan rather than a cool part time job.

  5. My understanding was that the "Aero course", was for the ATPL in general and they did not run a specific course for the helicopter rating. That would mean about 25% of the content would not be applicable ie - high level airspace, fixed wing aerodynamics, fixed wing weight and balance etc. Has this been your experience?


    Thanks for the info.

  6. Anyone attended either the "aero course" or "accelerated aviation" ATPL(H) ground school?


    I'm looking to attend one prior to writting my exams. I find I'm more motivated to study when I've got a course coming up and need a kick in the a@# to get into the books sometimes...


    But since these courses run $400-$600 plus airfare and time off, best to get some opinions prior to signing the cheque.



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