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  1. Hi Don,

    Hope all is well out west. My brother tells me you take him hiking once in a while.

  2. This truly is sad news. Its been difficult to imagine what he and Linda have been going through for more than a year now. I started working with Wayne in 71 and always thought he was a true gentleman and a good friend. I know I learned a lot from him in those early days at Midwest. He will be missed. Lee
  3. Dennis Tkachuk and Bruce were both from Portage la Prairie. Add Bill Henderson to former Midwest list.
  4. According to my logbook it was C-GGEM that GEM AIR operated. I flew for him for a week slinging steel across the river at Longspruce in Oct 75.
  5. Gerry MacArthur operated GEM Air with a 206 from his base on the Red River north of Winnipeg. He sold his license to the big guy from the East probably 1975 or thereabouts.
  6. Alpine hauled their 412 across the province on theirs a few years back.
  7. That was my sweet ride for four years. I hope they take care of her over in Germany
  8. Trained with Wild Bill Henderson on a 47 at Midwest while an apprentice 1972 only he didn't think a instruct rating or duals was necessary for flight training while on the job in Gillam ( anybody else switch seats in a 47 in flight?). Dennis Smith made it all legal afterwards but 34 years later I still think it was the craziest thing I was ever involved in. I remember going out to the Hydro service centre in Thompson while graunching for Stan Binns and doing a morning run up before he showed up, so I'd pick it up in the hover and be focused on putting it back down in the same tracks in the sn
  9. I remember very well snoozing in room 204 or 212 after the first drop after lunch in the bugs and waking to the sound of a group of 11 hikers,all faces pressed against the window and all I hear is "He's sleeping, wow the pilot's sleeping" They just didn't realize the stress and fatigue involved during a day in the bugs in the summer.
  10. Speaking of former base managers where is Bob Southworth these days?. He ran the base in the early 80's and a classier guy you wouldn't find anywhere.
  11. I was in Whitehorse in 78 and I went up there without my bucket which was a new GRIFFITHS being shipped right from the factory straight to Whitehorse. When it arrived I asked the forestry folks I half jokingly about the closest shallow lake so I could recover said bucket should it depart said a/c during the test drive. The release mechanism was a pair of push buttons half way down the collective and worked ok when operated as designed. It looked like a good photo op so my patrner in crime got out on the beach with his camera and as I was watching him during the flyby you guessed it. Fortunat
  12. Mine arrived in Hamilton, very impressed with the quality! :up:
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