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  1. 100ft, That's must have been a busy 5 months. Good idea about the pre-studying, I've read a few books from the library, but I will be buying the books soon from the company that I decide to train with, and then hitting the books every chance I get. Congrats! Are you flying now?
  2. For the guys that believe the simulator has been a benefit to you, I would like to know what controls you are using. I have done a few searches on the internet and only really found a couple that seem to resemble the real controls, at a cost of over $2000. I'm planning on starting my training in the fall and would like to get a headstart with the radio use, etc before I begin. Also, where did you buy you Flight sim program? Is that a program that would be sold at the local Best Buy or Future Shop? Thanks
  3. Skidz, Thanks for the information, it is very helpful. By the way, what is WX? Steve
  4. Thanks Prat, It's nice to hear from someone that it can be done. I asked the question because one of the schools that I checked out told me that if I tried to do my training on my 4 days off, the training would take longer and cost more, closer to $80k. The extra cost was because of a lack of continuity of the training, causing some lessons and skills to have to be relearned before learning something new. I figure that if the training costs me $80k instead of $50k, I may as well take a leave of absence, because I won't make the $30k difference after taxes in 4-6 months. Good luck wit
  5. I haven't decided yet on where I'm going to train. I have visited 3 schools in the lower mainland, talked to the instructors and checked out their facilities. It would be nice to find one that has the best of all three. I'm thinking that I will book a flight with a couple of the schools and see which place stands out as far as the instructors ability to teach, as well as his skills and personality. Does anyone have any advice on how to pick a good school? Thanks
  6. I'm currently interviewing schools before I select who I train with and I have found that some schools use a simulator and some do not. Have any of you used a simulator? Would you recommend selecting a school that uses a simulator in their training or not? Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone for the words of advice and support. I took the Cat 1 medical this morning, I passed, I thought that before I drop 50G's on training I better make sure there is nothing wrong, that I don't know about.
  8. Thanks for all your words of encouragement, my medical is Monday.
  9. New Guy, I know what the 65 year was talking about. I started with Canadian Airlines in 1989, I didn't make tonnes of money, but I have travelled and climbed all over the world. Now my place is paid off and it's time to move on. When I was climbing on Mt. McKinley, I was amazed at the heli up at 17,200 ft, a Lama called the "Denali Lama", I knew that is what I wanted to do. I'm sure that flying at altitude in the mountains is a specialty. Walk before run, I know. Good luck on your apprenticeship. Steve
  10. The real shame is that in High School I wanted to be a Playboy Model photographer, but Hugh Heffner never returned my calls. LOL. Having hind-sight now, will not change the past, at best it will only alter my present and future. I think that it's time I sh*t or get off the pot. Thanks heli206212 for your offer of help.
  11. Thanks heli206212, I have planned to be making peanuts for 3-5 years, just wanted to know if the operators are putting 45 year olds out to pasture, which is about the time I thought that I may actually start making some money. I'm at the age where I realize there is more to life than money, doing what you have always dreamed of doing is now my main focus in life. Thanks for the advice
  12. Can anyone give me an idea of the work load during training. I'm wondering if it is a good idea to try to continue working while doing my training? I work a 4 days on 4 days off shift. Or would it be better to train full time?
  13. Is it too late to start a career as a commercial RW pilot at 40 years of age? When I was 20 I went and talked to a Canadian Helicopter Pilot who told me that after paying 50Grand and getting only 100 hours, that no-one would hire me. So I found another career as a automotive mechanic. But the idea of flying has never stopped, now I'm in the financial position to pay for the training, I'm just wondering if anyone will hire a middle-aged newbie? Leaving the big city of Vancouver and working my way up from the bottom again doesn't bother me. Thanks for the advice in advance.
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