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  1. Absolutely fantastic stuff, thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate everyones comments and suggestions. I'm looking forward to utilizing the advice the seasoned pro's have offered and hopefully everything goes well. I'll try to get some pics up on here when I'm done. Thanks again Prime
  2. Hey everybody, Going to do my first drill move in a week or so, just wondering if anyone's got any advice? Pit falls to avoid or things that may make it a little less intimidating. Any advice will be well received, thanks in advance Prime ps. I have already searched the forums and have found nothing of substance, so please don't "advise" me to search the forums. thanks again
  3. Perhaps the responsibility should be on the logging companies to provide for properly equiped medevac aircraft? It's not the pilot's fault for refusing to structurally compromise his aircraft, just because the logging company didn't want to pay the extra $$$ for a proper aircraft. The fallers should take the issue up with their employers to provide the proper aircraft.
  4. Well... Just to add my 3 cents, as a Journey man pilot of 1300hr's (for lack of a better expression), I sincerely hope that I don't find myself working along side a pilot or engineer of this mentality, as I think that this sort of mindset is both dangerous and ignorant. How is it that some humans put $xx.xx before the well being of those whom they work with, as well as that of the very industry from which they earn those $xx.xx? The "flip side" of this attitude unfortunately , may be the loss of another young pilot who could have benefited greatly from a little of this fool's "wild card" kn
  5. I heard about an Astar going down in Mcmurray yesterday. One person killed, the others banged up. Anyone else heard anything?
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