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  1. I highly recommend Helinets. Vancouver company, with many years of making long lines.
  2. As an engineer reading this description of a "typical" pilot, I have a lot to say. Some is good natured hacking, but some is truly an observation from my perspective. Many of the pilots I have met over the years may have started off as analytical, but most do not retain that trait. Depending on the size and complexity of the aircraft, some tend to simply snag the aircraft as faulty without any cockpit based troubleshooting. There are also those who excel at this, but that is not the majority. I have seen a lot of pilots start out their flying career as hard working, focused and help
  3. Trying to find out the possibility of getting a work visa for the USA, in aircraft maintenance. Seeking information/advice from those individuals who have experience with this issue. Reading alot of web site information does not lead one to believe that a work visa for the US in aircraft maintenance is obtainable, without it being inter-company transfer. Any info would be appreciated, thank you.
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