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  1. Very tragic....the crash was two blocks away form my home. Four confremed killed, three in the bell 206, and one pedestrian on the ground. I was one of the first on scene...It was a very hard thing to see...it hit home... Very HARD. We all know the dangers of our job, but until you see it up close....well..... My heart goes out to the friends and families of those involved.
  2. Kinda nice to know there are a few of us old,.. new guys still chasing dreams! I am 39, a ex structural fire fighter, currently working as a medic in the "patch" in between pounding on doors hoping to land that elusive break. I like to think that age is a plus, ...so in a word "NO"... 35 is not too old! Age is a state of mind....not a number! :punk: Hope to be flying with you all soon!!!
  3. With all the wonderful, different, types of helicopters flying....my favorite is the one that someone...any one will pay me to fly!!!
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