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  1. twinstar_ca

    Great Slave

    and CBC reporting a driver from Ft. Simpson was laid off just before the sale... 😟
  2. twinstar_ca

    Great Slave

  3. sincere condolences to family and friends..
  4. twinstar_ca

    Mike McKenzie,ex Alpine Heli

    Sincere condolences to family and friends...
  5. twinstar_ca

    Aviation License

    Interesting... i had to do the renewal process including new pic... mine expired the same day my replacement arrived!!!
  6. twinstar_ca

    Convert .Kmz Files To .Gdb

    anyone here this man's dear??
  7. I agree!!!! What an awesome project!!!
  8. come on, rico.. keep it couth!!
  9. I believe the 900 series is the twin engine big brother to the 500 notar series... Airspan has one...
  10. Very, very sad.... hard to see the unfortunate reality at times....
  11. sincere condolences to family, friends, and co-workers...
  12. SO what's the consensus of the board on the 120 ceasing production?? Does Sierra still have theirs?? I know CPS still has 2 and doesn't Edmonton and Winnipeg PD's each have 1?? Anyone else operating one??
  13. twinstar_ca

    Sad News

    condolences to family and friends...
  14. twinstar_ca

    Wes Hopper Sept.27/17

    condolences to family and friends....
  15. twinstar_ca


    at least he learned it by walking away....