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  1. twinstar_ca

    Blue River Heliski rollover

    Thanks, DP... 👍
  2. twinstar_ca

    Blue River Heliski rollover

    who's the operator?? glad everyone walked away!! 👍
  3. How do you like the 2 piece, Bif??
  4. twinstar_ca

    Certified Mountain course

    Good question, old.... fixed now...
  5. twinstar_ca

    Lance Cooper

    The brother is Rocky Cooper... not sure where he is these days..
  6. twinstar_ca


    and he has also been flagged as a spammer and I have deleted his posts...
  7. twinstar_ca

    Lance Cooper

    I just recently learned of the passing Nov. 26/18 of Lance Cooper. My sincere condolences to all of his family, especially his son Todd who is still flying at the Canmore base. I had the pleasure of knowing Lance for many years. I am sure he will be deeply missed. 🙁🙁
  8. twinstar_ca

    Great Slave

    and CBC reporting a driver from Ft. Simpson was laid off just before the sale... 😟
  9. twinstar_ca

    Great Slave

  10. sincere condolences to family and friends..
  11. twinstar_ca

    Mike McKenzie,ex Alpine Heli

    Sincere condolences to family and friends...
  12. twinstar_ca

    Aviation License

    Interesting... i had to do the renewal process including new pic... mine expired the same day my replacement arrived!!!
  13. twinstar_ca

    Convert .Kmz Files To .Gdb

    anyone here this man's dear??
  14. I agree!!!! What an awesome project!!!
  15. come on, rico.. keep it couth!!