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  1. Nice post... thanks for letting everyone know that kindness still moves on... good show!! 👍😎
  2. My wife at her job has had both a client and a staff member test positive and the staff member is in the hospital currently... we are both double psizered.... get the stupid shots and quit b****ing... just IMHO....
  3. CTV said the man had a licence to drive the helicopter... sometimes I hate reporters!!! ðŸĪŠ
  4. I believe it's ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) who set the standards...
  5. As we used to say, "good show"... 👍
  6. as always, glad to hear the driver walked away.. or at least limped with assistance... stay safe out there, boys and girls!! 👍😎
  7. Guess you do, but it's all good.... no apologies needed..... 👍
  8. Remember that if you ever have one of "them" drag your gluteous maximus out of what's left of your "office"!! Just sayin'...
  9. I think the engineer working on the 500 should get his beers paid for for the next month. Good show to whoever he is!! 👍👍
  10. Would the big issue be whether or not you could jettison the external load?? If it's carried internally, the options are much less available... All my experience is with internal DG's...
  11. My sincere condolences to you and his family. I know he was with you in the company for a long time.. ðŸĪ•ðŸĪ•
  12. hope all recover ok... hard to tell from the pic what kind of machine... jet fuel all over would lead one to believe a turbine but hey, we know how accurate the press can be...
  13. does anyone remember when YQR had an operator based there?? I remember when Trans Canada Pipelines had a 206 at richardson.. lumsden airspray had a hughes 269 in lumsden... STARS is there now... any others i'm missing??
  14. such a shame but what do you do... wish we all had a crystal ball to see what the future will bring... i personally have been unemployed for 9 months now... hope everyone stays strong.... â˜đïļðŸ‘
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