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  1. my pleasure...
  2. moderator functions have apparently returned.....
  3. i heard it was a VIH 61.... anybody confirm??
  4. same for me, ichimama...
  5. right you are, just looking... i can get NO reply from the powers that be....
  6. Pprune is reporting that Bruce Laurin has passed. I personally did not know him but my condolences to family and friends.
  7. Admin, none of the moderator functions have been restored and I get no answer to my PM's to you on this. Have we been abolished? Fine if we have but at least let myself and the members know so I quit getting asked why I can't fix anything... Signed by a VERY frustrated moderator...
  8. Most of you who know me on the forums know I used to hold a plank PPA and had some bootleg helicopter time. You also know I lost my medical a few years ago due to a small stroke and a triple bypass... Kind of a double whammy. I miss hands on time like you cannot believe. Does anyone around the YYC area (I live in Strathmore) train with a B206 or AS350 and can give me a quote for 5 or 10 hrs?? Thanks in advance. Can always email me at as well.
  9. tried deleting the extra posts, it still won't let me use moderator functions..
  10. condolences to the family and friends...
  11. you don't suppose that TC will come out with something very much alike and charge us an arm and leg to access??
  12. having said that, rotor brake, does anyone in alberta do training in a 300 or 47?? I'm plain too big a guy for robinson iron... but I would love to get about 10hrs... lost my medical a few years ago so this is just for me to enjoy hands on again... been a long time...
  13. Just saw a pic of GRGU on I remember that machine when I 1st started visiting Canmore and Canadian's base was across the road from the main heliport. Cooper, Bob Johnston, and Pieter Koster were the drivers at the time. Also had a 206 there but that was before the land of digital and I have no pics of the machines... anyone else have fond memories of machines you see pictures of?