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  1. does anyone remember when YQR had an operator based there?? I remember when Trans Canada Pipelines had a 206 at richardson.. lumsden airspray had a hughes 269 in lumsden... STARS is there now... any others i'm missing??
  2. such a shame but what do you do... wish we all had a crystal ball to see what the future will bring... i personally have been unemployed for 9 months now... hope everyone stays strong.... ☚ī¸đŸ‘
  3. very sad.... condolences to family and friends... đŸ˜ĸ
  4. Enough shite displayed... topic is closed..
  5. Not sure, shakey... Just that there are rumors of them.... hope they're false!!!
  6. Another rumor is possibly Wildcat and VIH... anyone else hear of this?
  7. Interesting that when you go to their website, everything is status quo and nothing said about doors closed in January... what kind of a response do you get if you sent in a query??
  8. as a retired paramedic, I'd have to say the super puma would give lots of room for patient care...
  9. and now yellowhead is contesting the award. They say they have the availability of super pumas to do the job. will they be linked with coldstream's inventory?
  10. Great video... Thanks for sharing... 👍
  11. Doesn't Remote operate several SD2's? They would probably be a good authority/reference on this....
  12. I did my minimum of IFR when I did my private fixed wing. I also had the luxury as an air cadet to do several hours in a link simulator... Taught me to stay away from that ####...
  13. Condolences to all family and friends... đŸ˜ĸ
  14. condolences to family and friends... speedy recovery to the survivors... ☚ī¸
  15. I deleted nothing.... don't paint me with that brush!! 😎
  16. Wasn't White River, now Yellowhead, keeping a base there??
  17. Seems we missed Peace, Skully... fill us in... i know you used to drive for them.... saw you in YQW and outside of YQR... think I still have the ball cap!! 👍
  18. Sorry, DGP... I tried to merge this with your OP as this was a duplicate story. Didn't work very well and I don't seem to be able to reverse it. Would all posters please check to make sure your topic isn't already active. Thanks....
  19. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/universal-helicopters-closes-1.5586297?utm_source=vertical-daily-news-news-from-the-web&utm_campaign=vertical-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=news-from-the-web&utm_content=V1
  20. Sincere condolences to family, friends, and shipmates... ☚ī¸
  21. Ahhh.... Thanks for the correction, Amphibious... 👍
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