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  1. Do you need a hug? You sound like you need a hug. We know hugs are tough right now but perhaps you could wrap your arms around yourself, squeeze tight, pucker up and kiss yourself soundly in the mirror. In your own delusion you're a beautiful unique individual with the right to blurt out whatever inane comment comes to mind over this meaningless, highly trivial medium of communication that you choose to troll. However, it reflects poorly upon you as it is all rather negative, demeaning and just a wee bit nasty. As a 15 year flying expert helicopter veteran (not a lot really) you really should
  2. If the Performance Section of the FM says you're too heavy for where you're going. You probably are. Saves a lot of teeth grinding and puts you ahead of the curve so you don't need to use your superior pilot mojo...
  3. I haven't seen a new one appear, so I'm doing the paperwork now. It's all a pain in the proverbial and I wonder if anyone has used their old Document as supporting documentation? After all it is "other government issued identification" and God knows it costs a lot to get one...
  4. +7500hrs TT BC Mountain Course and everything you need for BC Fires etc. Bell 412 PPC current. Typed on AS350, BH04/05/06/07/12/214/412, BK117 etc. Sorry - only have 6 spare days and commitments on the 26th August I can't miss. Open to helping out anyone who needs a guy with good references.
  5. Who do I have to marry to get the 'companion rate'? It's taken me 20 mins to work out which section I am in but it looks like $675 buys me 3 days? I understand economy of scale but HAI is only $280 USD for 3 days. HAC seems to be $325 CND for one day. HAC Operator Employee #1, #2 & # 3 HAC Associates, Customers & Individual Supporters CAN CAN $525 each CAN $575 each *Operators Only Employee #4 and more CAN $300 each Non Member CAN $675 each Day Registration - HAC Member Companies Only Indicate Day Attending Friday Saturday Sunday CAN $325 each **Companion Registratio
  6. I was a TFR who dragged his family to Canada and built a life at the turn of the century. It really erks me the rudeness of some people around here who know beggar all about being an immigrant. It certainly wasn't my experience of life in Canada. If there had been that much racism voiced at me - we would've left. It can only be because you can hide on the internet that one is so brave. I became a PR then a citizen and like Winnie and all the others ["the Rab"] and my mates - we invested a lot to chase the Canadian dream. Because we had good work ethic, we got ahead and it is as simple as that.
  7. "real nice!" Are you guys drinking meths up there? Get back on the Laphroig ASAP.
  8. Nothing new here - secret deals done between some pilots and management and we all wonder why when the snow fly's some of us are EI. Why not just post what you make as someone else if you are worried. I'm a bit out of the loop too but $200 an hour on the Medium with 3 hr mins was the norm. IFR with HTSC I was $110,000 which was pretty light but it was the recession and only had to work 6 months of the year and the gear was excellent and I had a bar in town...
  9. Did I have a "man look" and miss the Bell 212 rate? I agree the rates are low but absorb it by flying slower, lifting less and charging engine ON not SKIDS UP. Simple stuff - don't work to put the fire out and encourage all the decisions to light a back burn at 1600hrs...
  10. Been there done that in Northern BC at 6000ft. Amazing how quickly it accrued. Took about 4 sec's to throw the blades out of balance and force a shutdown from idle. That was visiting a radio repeater also.... bloody things.
  11. I tried all the above and then found the 'Underarmour' skull caps worn by the NFL players. Available at most sports shops and much more superior to all the other options. Mine are over 5yrs old now and going strong. Get the black one... the white one makes you look like a *****.
  12. Our engineers are in Antarctica supporting the AS350B3 which is standing by to get to the site as of 0700hrs here in New Zealand. I've worked around those KB guys in the Arctic and they do know their stuff. I hope the guys come out OK. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=523046884383526&set=a.219936934694524.61130.131130550241830&type=1&theater
  13. I love winter time in Canada... nothing to do but get on the forums Amen to all comments above and I think they should have mandatory eye masks and ear plugs for camp. I prefer to take my batman on camp with me and be greeted with a warm cup of tea a 0600hrs...
  14. Opportunities exists for 3-6 month temporary engineering positions in New Zealand/Australia/PNG and the Pacific. Those who know me, know that I am involved with a couple of major companies "down under" and constantly finding opportunity for seasonal work to offset the winter shortfall. Engineers with Light/Intermediate and Medium experience are required and it is a great opportunity to have a working holiday (exclude PNG) or experience some distinctly different cultures (include all...) It would be easier if you were under the age of 31 but that isn't a deal breaker. For those remo
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