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  1. Thoughts are with Chris and Guy, everyone at Sunrise, and also with the families of the deceased. Let me know if there's anything I can do? My most sincere condolences. Nick Gagnon
  2. Being from Timmins, Dick was an inspiration to me growing up, I'd see his helicopters flying all over the place and that was a driving force in getting me to pursue a career in the wonderful world of rotary wing flight. I had the opportunity to meet him once, when I parked a Long Ranger in his front yard while working with his son, Evan. A very humble man of few words, but very much admired by all who have worked for him. My thoughts and sympathies go out to Evan and rest of the Huisson family. Nick Gagnon
  3. My 2 cents, for what it's worth. I've personally shot 2 blacks while on the job. The first one was in a tree plant camp in Northern Ontario, where we had 5 bears in camp, and one was trying to make food out of some lonely planter while he was sleeping in his tent. A conservation officer (C.O.) had been in camp the same day and shot the same bear with a non lethal shot to make the bear "weary" of coming back. After having a conversation with the C.O. to ask him what we should do if it came back, I got a green light to "defend" myself and any person I thought was in immediate danger. Bear c
  4. My sympathies and condolences to the families of both the young men of this worst of sad news. My thoughts are also with the staff at Essential Helicopters, who are the second family to any student learning there. I knew both of these guys and can tell you that they were at the top of their class, having been trained by one of the best instructors in this country. I can't seem to understand why someone would have to post the name of the company that had this accident happen and the specific details. Why is it that some like to be the first to post the who, where, when and why? If y
  5. Oh yes I remember that night, some bits of it are blurry though. LOL. I remember getting up at 4AM for a nature call and there wasn't any wind too. A mad dash for the helos and trucks. LMAO. I miss those days. Cheers
  6. Glad to see the driver's alright. Sad to see that old Jet Buggy (C-GNBS) go though. Lots of history in that ship. Got a couple hundred hours in it myself. Any stories about this old bird out there? Speedy recovery.
  7. I've been flying Mookie around now for 5-6 years. As far as I can tell the story is true. He never talks about it. I heard it from his brother and the others on his crew. Swung his Ox Head axe at the fast approaching bear, had the timing right and got the bear square in the head. I know these guys have sharp axes but you still need a lot of power to kill a bear. Not a guy I'd mess with. I've had the privilege of having a few pints with this guy on numerous occasions and he wouldn't hurt a soul. Thanks for bringing up some old memories Newfieboy! Cheers YTS
  8. LOL. They must have to add ballast to that poor little Jet Buggy. Anyone know who owns that 206? Cheers
  9. Amen to that! Long live the May Tag. HEHEHE. I'm guessing you're doing some timber snoozing, that you need to enter that many SHP files. I guess the 296 does have a flaw after all. Maybe the old Map 76 would also do you. You can get them pretty cheap now. I think GPS central was selling the color version for 299.00 before Xmas. The other nice thing about the 76 or 96 is the AA batteries you can carry 100 of em if you want. Whenever I'm working for forestry companies I have the 296 locked onto the nearest fuel source and then fly the job with my older Map 96 on a Ram suction mou
  10. Never had any problems like that. Have you tried doing a Garmin update? This usually solves allot of issues. As far as SHP files go, I've never had them in my 296. I have had them in my 96 but the files were uploaded by the customer. Should be the same software. Ask a GIS person for some help they're usually familiar with multiple types of GPS'. If that doesn't work the best thing to do is to call either GPS central in Calgary or Garmin directly. I've dealt with both and they were really helpful. Cheers
  11. Collin Sullivan R.I.P. I'm not sure how many of you knew Collin. Maybe not so many pilots in the west have had the privilege of flying with Sully but he has trained countless wannabe pilots to become fine aviators here in the east at Canadore. YYB has had a void in it since you left.
  12. The Company I work for was going to buy one of these 210's from Bell. We kept getting the run around from Bell as far as a delivery date was concerned we were told November last year then January then February then April and then it was well we'll let you know,and they wouldn't even take our money for a down payment. The biggest problem with the 210 is that Bell is using old millatary airframes so as far as the FAA and Transport Canada are concerned they are classified as restricted. Another problem is that you have to deal with Bell in the states and they aren't very good with customer re
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