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    300 Down?

    I don't know the protocol, but I heard a 300 went down in the interior of BC, I hope all is OK, if anyone has info please reply, I have a friend training there and can't get a hold of him. God speed to all. Dim
  2. Have a feeling that this might be why people were concerned about your safety: Aviation Safety Letter Issue 1/2008 page 33 On June 16, 2007, a Bell 206B helicopter was being used for water bucket operations on a fire near a railroad track. While hovering over the water, 20ft from shore, visual references were lost and the helicopter moved too far forward in reference to the submerged water bucket. The aft corrective action resulted in the tail rotor hitting the surface of the water, breaking the tail rotor shaft. Tail rotor control was lost and the aircraft did a 360º turn, at which time the pilot shut off the fuel valve. The aircraft descended upright and ditched right upon contacting the water. The main rotor blades hit the roof of the aircraft, which injured the pilot, who was not wearing a helmet. The pilot exited the aicraft and held on to the tail boom before swimming to shore. The aicraft sank inverted in shallow water. TSB File A07Q0108 Congrats on passing your flight test. Fly safe.
  3. ROB said: "There is more power in your right hand than you will ever find in your left." I'm a newbe wanabe, could someone please explain. Been doing some reading and this statement confuses me.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm in the process of deciding where to do my training, and need some advise from your experience. I am trying to decide where to get my license. I find the whole thing a little confusing. It took a long time to get the cash together, and I had to get very creative. But the money is there, and it seems all the schools I talk to want it. When I talk to schools they all seem to say the right things, but when I read the posts on here and other sites it seems a lot of guys don't get working. So how do you choose a school. I have heard some amazing stats from a few that seem to good to be true. My problem is I'm trying to get the real info, not the sales stuff. So any advise would be very helpful, I can only afford to do this once, so I need to find the right place. I'm planing to visit my top 3 choices next month, but with my limited knowledge I worry about buying into a sale pitch. I've read all the posts I can on here and it is confusing, one post about foreign pilots kinda scares me. It would seem to me there are a lot of guys who don't get working. So how do I decide, big school or small, old instructor or young, and the different models of chopper are all a little hard for an inexperienced guy to figure out. Thank you in advance for your help. Dimwit
  5. I'm also starting this fall, it's an exciting time to start the dream. Good luck maybe we can swap stories on training, what school are you attending. I'm still on the fence, any advice on the decision would be great. I've got it down to 2, I find it dificult with all the schools telling me thier advice.
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