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  1. To those of you who have gone before, I'd love to hear your experiences. I'm an avid helicopter enthusiast but am not part of the industry. Is Heli Expo something I'd enjoy, or is it pretty much for industry members only? I'm trying to decide soon so I can buy the tickets at a lower price.
  2. Thanks guys, I had just decided I prefer the forum version of Photos from the Field. Much appreciated!
  3. I recall seeing a short clip of an Air America pilot who dove out of his Bell right before it ditched into the ocean. Fortunately he wasn't injured, and it was certainly amazing to watch.
  4. I looked up Mi-24's in the N-Number lookup section at faa.gov and look what I found: http://www.vscglobal.com/ Check out their mission statement, it's pretty interesting, IMO.
  5. Edit: Sorry for the double post.
  6. The hoist arm's shadow looks a little odd though.
  7. ^and that makes me wonder how "100 hour wonders" are supposed to get from 100 hours to 3000 hours without being hired? Those multi-thousand-hour pilots have to come from somewhere...
  8. This might be a stupid question, but will you actually be flying, or helping out around the hangar for the first year?
  9. No, I'm not planning on stealing something, I'm just interested in them and I'd like it because I'm a helo enthusiast. Come to think of it, if there's a site that has many different helos' procedures, I'd love to know about it.
  10. I am looking for the startup checklist for the EC-135 (preferably the P2 variant. shutdown would be nice too.) Thanks.
  11. If you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have to be scared of them "sneaking up" on you...are you doing something wrong?
  12. -- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/04/01/a160t_back_in_black/ -- http://"http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_generic.jsp?channel=awst&id=news/aw033108p1.xml&headline=Boeing%20Rotary%20UAV%20Aims%20To%20Set%20Records%5b/ In simpler terms: -- http://www.boeing.com/ids/news/2007/q3/070928a_nr.html This also saves on the amount of fuel used. The helo they compared noise signatures with was a Bell 407. Very intersting stuff ,if you ask me.
  13. I hadn't seen that one when I wrote that, I found it yesterday, thanks.
  14. Thanks for the pics, I wanted to go this year but couldn't make it. The 175 looks like a shrunken AW139. I wish Eurocopter would put up a pic with the 175 and something that will allow me to gauge its size...
  15. I believe that it is actually the HH-47G. I guess the NH90 could be an option but for some reason, Eurocopter didn't enter it. Oh, yes the HH-47 F&G are "new" but the design was made in the late '50's.
  16. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, CSAR-X stands for Combat Search And Rescue and the "X" means the USAF hasn't decided which helo to choose as the sucessor to the aging MH-53 and MH-60. There's currently a competition going on to determine which heli will be chosen.
  17. I personaly think that the US101 (EH101 made by Lockheed) is the best suited to the job with the H-92 in close second. I don't think the Chinook should be allowed to enter simply due to its age (almost as old as the good ole' USAF!! :shock: ) What do you guys think? Or is there one that isn't in the running but you think should be? EDIT: Darn, I meant for the title to be CSARX instead of Csarx
  18. That doesn't look too bad, the cowling helps! Definitely looks better than the R22.
  19. Thanks, that's great to know. You'd think that with all the concern given to making that bird have great visibility, they would have made a vertical referance window as an option. Oh well, maybe someone will make one as a mod...
  20. I was speaking with a pilot about EC-130's a little while ago, and he said that he was under the impression that they were underpowered (he had never flown one but I believe he said he knew people who had.) I had always assumed that even though they were heavier than the B3, they still weren't under powered because of how powerful the Arriel 2B1 is. Can anyone tell me if this is true or not?
  21. The langing gear on these choppers looks flimsy, is that the case? Would they survive being slammed onto a pitching oilrig pad in bad weather? I have always wondered this as their landing look really weak. S-92 gear looks just a tiny bit stronger... http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1022...d=&next_id=
  22. I kinda of like the design of the paint scheme but the colors make it look like a flying gumball! Personally, I think R-44's look best in glossy jet-black, but I'm sure that guy is very proud of his "special" paint job.
  23. Thanks for the links, the AW-139 is a sweet looking chopper! That song from National Treasure (Or maybe its Pirates of the Caribbean) fits great! The rear landing gear looks a little flimsy, is that the case? For instance, if you had to slam it onto the deck of a ship in a storm or something, would the gear collapse?
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