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  1. Blue sky, Richard! You will be missed.
  2. Not judging the pilot by any stretch of imagination. I bet his intentions that morning were to sleep in his bed with clean underwear and no PTSD
  3. If there is anything that instrument training thought me , is to avoid this #### like the plague. IFR is for controlled flight ,even in VFR conditions. Inadvertent IMC or intentional flight in IMC in a VFR aircraft or even in an IFR equipped aircraft that was VFR planned is big ,fat No No. Just to be clear, not judging the pilot by any stretch of imagination. I bet he did not plan on ending up in that position,down in the puddle.
  4. So, I am working outside Canada in a sunshiny ,tropical paradise :)) on a validation of my Canadian commercial license.From what I gather, medicals can be extended till March, PPCs have been extended for 90 days...What about my basic commercial license? Can my takeoffs and landings on a foreign registered aircraft be counted towards the takeoffs and landings required to keep current or I have to find a Canadian registered aircraft and do some kind of flight test or review? Been trough TC’s site without finding anything relevant. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. I am yet to see anyone that asked for their beer to be covered by per diems. As for the cell phone , why would you make long distance calls concerning company business as in ; maintenance,crew changes and so on , on your own dime? Usually the cell phone is included in the per diem under the “ incidentals” and so should they be.
  6. You are maliciously misinterpreting in order to justify making money off crew meals .Cheap. Had to edit ; So, a government worker supplements their “ home cooked meals “ while away from home with 120 $ and a engineer or a pilot has to supplement with 50$ . In the past there was an instance where the top brass for a publicly traded company ,along with the tech support and other admin support were getting 110 a day,while the operational staff was getting 50. What kind of differential supplementing is that? Anyways, the supplementing argument is BS.
  7. So is it for Astar 350 BA an B2 ,only or for “ many different helicopters”. Can we have a list of type availability,please and thank you?
  8. #### happens. That's all the dissecting am gonna do.Thou who lives is a glass house shall cast no stone.
  9. It could be a character building experience. Like anything else,it depends on what you're after. If you are after the travel,experience,adventure,etc than give it a go. Maintenance sucks at times but nobody could convince me to fly if I didn't feel safe. The boats,especially the taiwanese ones offer a no frills experience.Be ready for cuisine that would make a stray dog gag and accommodations that sometimes are a 6 by 6 by 6 box situated by the boats hydraulics pack. Moggy's manual is a good read before you go . If you are after scheduled tours and anything that could remotely involve anything
  10. Deaner, You *******! I knew it was you! Keep at it, brother. It will happen sooner or later. The Honey Badger.
  11. I call B.S on most of what you said. I don't have a JAA but I travel to Europe often and it is way harder to break in the industry there than it is here. As for Canadian pilots (especially low time ones) working there ,you are even more full of it.
  12. Condolences to the families and colleagues . I had the chance to fly Klaus on one of his offshore research expeditions off Banks Island. A truly dedicated scientist and a great human being. This is the second person I know killed in a helicopter crash this year.Sobering.
  13. Out of nurse? Not good! More direct position entry needed ,I guess.
  14. Much better than answering a question with a question.
  15. Sad news. Condolences to the family and to all my friends at Gemini. Dan Munteanu
  16. I have to get in on this. The " puppy mill " next door" brought a lot of canadian pilots in the job market.I know many of them and I am one of them. I know no one that got the license at your school and I doubt that you have many examples.They train people to fly in the reality of the Canadian bush and lately stepped up a notch with the IFR training which I am sure is of the same quality and just as meaningful. When it comes to American protectionism of their own job market and of their own training you are a good example . Unfortunately this a 2 way street and therefore you should shut the f@
  17. Horrible news. Condolences to the families and friends.Dan M.
  18. I know nothing about the job,company,etc.If its worth the trouble of posting here on the subject why would not be worth the trouble of sending a message to the guy that posted the add and get info from the horse's mouth or simply call the company .Seems like the logical thing to do.Here you might get a bunch of bias opinions and maybe start a mud slinging competition.Just saying....
  19. Is that you Fabrice?

  20. Well said,OT.Condoleances to the family and friends.
  21. Been stuck in PNG for the last couple weeks and from what I read in the local press a mineral exploration and a oil and gas drilling and production boom are just around the corner.I was wondering if there are any Canadian companies operating in the region.
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