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  1. Hello everyone, A good man and fellow pilot is in need of help. He is a fantastic pilot, great mentor and better friend. For those of you who have met Doug I'm sure have some good stories to tell!! Doug urgently needs your financial support. Doug travelled to the USA to rescue his wife, Adaire, after she had a motor vehicle accident. While travelling Doug contracted the flu bug that kept him in a coma for 5 days at a cost of $10000 per day. He is now awake at a hospice in Las Vegas but too weak to travel back to Canada. Adaire is with him and needs our support. A bank account has been
  2. Hey everyone, Just wondering peoples thaughts on this. Our company just got some new Garmin area500 touch screen GPS. We are having some issues with them in the cold and it has a new type of data transfer system that dosen't seem to work with all our clients computer programs. Also, Garmin seems to have discontinued their 296 and other 96 models. Anyone suggest a new GPS? Perhaps not a touch screen. Thanks
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