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  1. Hey, well, guys I'm a low-time fella and I managed to get about 30 hours since getting my license last May. The company I'm with kept me on through the winter, which is awesome.. Although it looks like this coming season will be really slow for us low-timers. At least I am in the door and will be here once things pick up - I can't wait. Flying is so much fun - I don't know how some people can just shrug it off, like "meh, yeah im a helicopter pilot"... At this point I don't see how any career would be more rewarding. Best of luck to all the other low-timers out there. There are definitely a lot of talented people with much better flying and people skills than me who should be in my position right now - I hope this year is good for you too. sji
  2. I don't see how it can be considered pissing money down the drain. DA has to pay that money back, plus an additional 10% ($3,400,000) back to the GNWT. Seems to me like that would be a good thing for tax payers. There's no threat of DA going under in my opinion. They have made and are making the right steps to be sure this year is a profitable year for all the operating units.
  3. That's true, I guess... Well, I will have to practice left hand hovering then.. maybe with the instructor out of the helicopter... just kidding!
  4. Alright, yeah... I just thought holding the cyclic with your left is bad. Do you know if on the transport canada flight test you can do that? Or is that an immediate fail for unsafe flying?!
  5. Just wondering if anybody has ever flown with the lateral friction 'on' in a 300... not much friction, but just enough so that you can hold the cyclic with your knees while on straight and level cruise without any going off course. I was thinking it might be helpful for writing stuff down because I am bad at writing with my left hand. Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks, that math was exactly what I was looking for! We've only spent a little bit of time going over the ground speed checks in class. I was lost listening to my instructor as he went through it quickly the first time... Be it his teaching skills or my listening skills. Now at least I can practice while on holidays. Anyway, I agree with everybody that there are some gaps in what I am being taught. That's about all I want to say.
  7. Thanks for the help... It's nice to know that not everybody is perfect with catching the traffic. I do feel like I need to be better, but I hopefully that will come with more time in the cockpit. I am thinking about spending more time by the radio indoors and just practicing as often as I can. For the weather thing, I actually have a copy of from the ground up, so I will check out the weather section over the next couple of days. Hopefully it explains the coriolis force better than "the coriolis is a complicated force", like the Air Command book says. I really need to understand things fully instead of remembering what the effect is and what it does. Things stick in my head if I know why. OK, so, ground speed checks.. The problem I have is I don't know how to figure out the ground speed checks quickly in my head. I could easily get it on a calculator, but is there a trick to finding out, say 5 miles in 4 minutes... or is it just memory? Some people in my class have had no trouble, some are frustrated like me. Math was never a strong subject for me, so this isn't coming naturally. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey everybody, I'm a 25 hour pilot looking for help with a couple things: Radio work: I am finding it difficult to visualize where all the traffic is when I am getting advisories from the tower. It is starting to worry me. I don't know if there are any tip or tricks that anybody has to help me out with it. I feel that it would be very unsafe doing solo nav trips without being really confident knowing what the traffic is and where it is in relation to me. I'll be starting NAV trips as soon as I get off Christmas break, so I want to prepare myself as much as possible. Aviation weather: Does anybody know of a good book for learning aviation weather? I have Air Command Weather Manual, but it's really hard to follow, plus it's around 40 years old. I would like something in more readable language that covers all the topics required for the TC exam. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ground speed checks: Frustrated am I trying to get good at ground speed checks in my head. I am wondering if there are any ways that anybody could suggest for me to study during the holidays to get better at them. As everybody probably knows: I need to start a timer at a mark on my map and stop it at another mark so I know the distance, then take that time and figure out my ground speed/ETA. If anybody has any help, I would greatly appreciate it! So that's all. I am just looking for little tips and tricks that people have found helpful in their training. Thanks very much!
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