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  1. I would ask the employer to expand on their meaning of "trouble free" in West Africa... it's a badly misleading statement. I'm pretty sure I could guess the country you're talking about. While it is true that it's a beacon of civility when compared to it's neighbours, that's not saying much. In truth it's barely even a compliment. As for the pay, check to see if you get catered food services or if you have to fend for yourself in the grocery stores. Food out here is between 2 to 4 times the price back home so get a good meal allowance if required. Ask if they have incentive pay... the
  2. I got my start with Helijet in 2005 as ground crew in Victoria. In '06 after getting my IFR and night ratings I was very fortunate to get on the flight line as a very green co-pilot with a whopping 140 hours total. My first year I flew about 750 hours on their scheduled service between Vancouver and Victoria. The start of year 2 had me flying on their EMS contract and I got a little over 250 hours that year. Year three had me back on the scheduled service and then flying tours off Grouse Mountain that summer in a 206L. The 4th year was a mix of EMS and scheduled service work before I got
  3. Very true! Once you have automation you wonder how you ever got by without it lol
  4. Anything of worth that can be said has been, and days ago by now. Can we please get a moderator to close this?
  5. I can see your point Mike, and you're speaking your peace far better than the other guy. In my opinion, the whole "#### happens" saying isn't what it might appear. As pilots, when things like this happen, we have to say that otherwise we wouldn't come into work the next day. It would just eat at you and make you crazy with anxiety. I realize it probably sounds fairly nonchalant but it's quite the opposite. The way a pilot might typically look at something like this is: Plan for the best, Expect the worst... And even then, #### happens. We're human and make mistakes and we kno
  6. That's exactly my point, thank you for seeing it yet not quite understanding it. You also have no basis for anything you're saying here, you are not a pilot.... and having worked in close proximity to a few doesn't make you qualified to judge anything regarding what we do. Just like I would never have a leg to stand on if I were trying to judge your performance as a medic. I too would be totally full of ####. To compare this minor incident with a dreamt up fireball scenario is a low blow buddy. Almost everyone here has lost at least one friend in a fiery crash. We do not need you reminding
  7. I'm sure R.H. was 105 lbs at some point in time. Cute.... the jury is still out on that. :prop:
  8. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night! Tell you what. I'll go take a weekend course in litigation too. Then while you work on your next patient I'll stand over your shoulder and tell you what a #### job you're doing. Sounds fair?
  9. I think the element of risk put on crews is placed there by themselves, especially if it's a medivac. When I flew with HJ on the ambulance I never once felt direct pressure from the BCAS dispatchers or the medics we carried in the back. Very professional people. Any stress I felt was put there by me alone.
  10. A company flying leased aircraft.... never! Flights timed with a stop watch? Such cruelty lol Having to fly on windy days... absurd. What is our industry coming to?
  11. JAR exam questions..... figures. Surprised you didn't find "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow."
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