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  1. We have a set on a jet ranger, they take some getting used to apparently, neutral or slight right pedal now when taking off. They look fantastic and are feather-light. I'm not a pilot so I can't comment on tail rotor efficiency.
  2. Hard to compete in a market where certain companies offer helicopters at half price. My ops manager showed me that list this afternoon, we had a chuckle... Too bad, things like this hurt the whole industry.
  3. They are sticky, require regular lubrication, and if not installed/adjusted properly they will be drafty and annoying. On the lighter side, they are fairly durable and parts rarely wear out.
  4. If you hate taking the frahm off, why not leave it off? That puts another 50lbs in the tank or on the hook. Also are you using thixogrease on your cones and the 750-800 ft/lbs torque? I've never had to re-do a retorque more than once since TB 407-05-66. And honestly is looking in the fuel cell once a year really that bad? I know I've cleaned a lot of crud out of the check valves and the fuel cell, and with all the drum refueling that goes on in the bush i'd hate to see how much would accumulate if it was left for much longer. just my 2 cents
  5. This thread is starting to get hostile. Yes there are a lot of lowtimers/apprentices who feel they are entitled to instant glory and fame the minute they walk off the school campus. The way to deal with these attitudes is with proper management, if someone is unwilling to do their job and their attitude is not condusive to a good work environment they get sent packing, no hand holding, no telling them they are special, just good old FIRED. Some of you are having problems with certain employees and you say that you don't have the power to fire these people who are constantly screwing up, you should be looking to your management and asking them why they are tolerating useless employees that are making it hard for you to do your job. On the flip side, the new generation of employees were brought up more aware of thier rights as a worker according to the Canada labour code and have every right to refuse certain conditions and circumstances that should not be placed on any employee in any industry. I'm talking about pay for hours worked, proper time between shifts, etc. Not about being babysat and having their hand held the whole way, so don't get me wrong. Cheers.
  6. Calling people "100hr beatch", kicking in thier door, and swearing like a sailor is not going to inspire respect or work ethic in anyone.
  7. if it's any consolation C-GALH is a beauty of a long ranger!
  8. Would the test review questions from the 407 field maintenance course book help?
  9. AME's can perform ground runs on helicopters if they are competent to do so, Here's a quote from CAR's Starting and Ground Running of Aircraft Engines 602.10 (1) No person shall start an engine of an aircraft unless (a) a pilot's seat is occupied by a person who is competent to control the aircraft; ( precautions have been taken to prevent the aircraft from moving; or (c ) in the case of a seaplane, the aircraft is in a location from which any movement of the aircraft will not endanger persons or property.
  10. jaycalder

    Ame Exams

    www.aerotraining.com You will see a "test yourself" link in the upper left, click it to set up a free account you can then access the exams, you must get i believe 90% or more to move on to the next one, and they get progressively harder i think there is 4 of them, they are very similar to the transport exams. Good luck!!
  11. I have no experience with the rads system, but have always had consistent results using the chadwick 8500 with a fastracker. I've seen some blades that just refuse to fly together, sometimes swapping the opposing or adjacent blades helps when all else fails.
  12. Some good stuff in this thread, here's a couple things I felt compelled to add, -Haemostats. a 10" straight pair and a smaller pair with a curved tip. These come in handy more places than I can count -Dental picks. ask your dentist for the old used ones usually he/she will give you a hadfull, they are way stronger and finer than normal picks -A small magnet attached to a fairly long length of twisted lockwire (who has'nt dropped a nut under a 206 oil cooler) also useful other places. -a homemade lexan scraper - a 6" drift made out of a phenolic material - a mastercraft power inverter to plug my laptop into the truck to prevent dead laptop while trying to decipher 407 fadec degrades/failures. :rant: - a tiny shop vac (in with the spares) - trusty petzl headlamp (as mentioned earlier) - a small assortment of homemade bullets and jackscrews Hope this helps someone! JC
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