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  1. Dart makes a set that works well.
  2. Between you and me, if I find a crack with a magnifying glass on a T/R blade that I could not see with mynaked eye, I would assume that it's so minor that it would only be a crack in the paint. I don't wear reading glasses yet and I always believe that every time they tell us to use a magnifying glass, it applies to older people who can't read without glasses. Same kind of debate applies on Bell medium T/R blades which pilot has to sign before each flight.
  3. Last year, we were operating in the north for a mining exploration project. On the client property there was about (70) 2003 sealed drums of shell jet A. Some operators did not used it saying that this fuel was 4 years old. We opened a few to find out that the fuel was clear and free from water. We had a specific gravity tester to test the fuel which passed successfully. Then we burned it in our 205s. I wonder if there is an official retirement number of years for drums. We usually go for the 2 year rule but I don't know where it comes from. I personaly can affirm that it takes a lot of water to flame-out a Bell 205. A few years back, one machine refueled from an abandoned fuel cache from a Heli-ski operator without knowing that the fuel was highly contaminated. Of course the engine was running weird enought to end the operation within 30 minutes but never quit. After investigating, we drained a mix of black water and fuel from the system. 2 days later we flew to that fuel cache, first 10 gallons that we sucked was moslty rusty black water. I could not believe it.
  4. Check this out, these guys are on a 2 weeks trip around the world. We can follow their trip live trought the web. By the way, our company is also using the Lattitude tracking system. All staff have access to a password to see our fleet. This is very cool. No need to go see at the pad if your machine is back, just look on the net. We can also see where everybody else are working, plus it brings safety to the next level. Good luck during your record attempt http://www.grandadventure08.com/map/
  5. Heli-Excel got C-FQHC S/N 1011, born as a "C" model, now a BA+, still flying. Now I wonder which Astar got the most amount of hours. Any in the 20,000 hrs?
  6. Transparent garage doors, it's the best light source you can get. Build it High enough, our's is missing a foot to lift a medium transmission with its mast. Fully paved pad. A convenient size Store, shipping area, receiving area, few desk, lots of shelves(stores inventory always get bigger) An independant office for DOM, QA, Shop foreman. Component clean room small room for painting A nice lunch room
  7. standard rotation: 4-on, 2-off weeks can go up to: 6-on, 2-off weeks But with the shortage of experience personel, ask management for your preference and they'll give it to you, in order to keep you. This summer we got all kind of schedules, some guys are doing 4-4 weeks, another 2-on 4-off weeks. Cheers.
  8. Also try Bulb P/N GE1683. They seem to last longer than the 307.
  9. Dzude

    Ame Exams

    Does anyone knows a web site or forum where to find exams samples to write an M licence. Only one I can find so far is "CARs for the AME" book. This book is excellent. I'm looking for the same format but for the 3 other exams. Thanks, an AME who think that we need more licenced engineers
  10. I've seen the light bulb loose in its socket, try to bend the socket so the bulb fit tight in it.
  11. Does anyone operates their T53 with new starter carbon seal? I would like to know if it's better than the lip seal. I think the kit worth 3000$. Also if you have any advice to keep the lip seal from leaking, feel free to discuss. Best I've ever seen not leaking on a 205 was 200 hrs. Thanks, Dzude.
  12. Here a copy of the Allson 250 M.M. you will find all your anwsers Allison_250_comp._rinse.doc
  13. Depends where you fly. Unless you fly over the salted water or in smoke, I would say you don't need to rinse anything. Most of the time we operate in dusty environnement and the compressor get sand blasted. I've worked 12 years around 206s, never seen improvement on engine performance after a wash. On the other hand, you get damage the engine by getting liquid where there should not be.
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