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  1. I was wondering how often you guys do off airport landings at your school? I only ask because I was reading in vertical magazine a few years ago that a lot of schools aren't doing very many off airport landings. I'm only on my third hour and the only time we land on concrete or asphalt is when we are going back to the hanger. The rest of the time we're out if in the fields or up in the mountains here in Northern California. Any ways, my next flight my instructor wants me to start autos....I'm very nervous, wish me luck! Wheeler
  2. I'm a huge flight simulator geek and when it came for my first real lesson, the instructor was amazed by my ability to have a very solid hover on my first try. He had me doing Take offs and approaches to hover to landing. I think my 300+ hours on FSX R22 with my little set up was a great pay off. But I don't know about others.
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