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  1. Can't we show a little respect for our first nations guys??? I know we all want the work that comes along with pipelines, but they just want to be treated with respect.
  2. 176 Million for 15 aircraft...... 11.466 Million per aircraft seems very steep for a 429. WTF?? The EC145 would have been a better all around platform for the coast guard. There is a reason the American's went with them (dubbed the Lakota). That is just my opinion though.
  3. Check out the employment section of this forum. 2 people in the last two weeks posted looking for an AME. Drop off a resume and let them know you are willing to relocate and are a hard worker. You may need to drop more than one resume or call back numerous times to get your name stuck in their head. If all that fails, start by seeing who is around your local area and start making a few trips to visit people. It is spring and this is when hiring generally happens.
  4. After 14 years, I finally broke down and bought a used helmet from a pilot who was wanting to upgrade his. It was, and is a good investment. More protection plus you no longer have to share a microphone sock with the last 100 people who sneezed into the David Clark headsets in the machine.
  5. Does Anyone out there run a Flight Data Management system? I have been researching the Appareo and Latitude systems and so far like what I see. I am still looking into whether or not a civilian version of a HUMS system for EC135, AS350, AS355, and/or BH407 is available? If anyone has info on that it would be a HUGE help as well.
  6. I have been told first hand that Mustang has purchased 12 of their aircraft and they will be delivered mid may. There is an offer on the table from another interested party to purchase the remaining aircraft (from what I can tell thats the remaining 8 Astars and possibly Kamovs) and run it under the VIH logo, but not under the Norie empire. However, so far , the company.........VIH...........HAS NOT BEEN SOLD. Sorry guys, I don't have the prss release to paste as "proof", but when it gets spilled from management to the guys on the hangar floor, I believe thats good enough for me!!!
  7. If you are talking about Mike Fouqet, the sheet metal/Structures guy, that used to be with heli pro back in the day, he is now contracting. Living out of Prince George, B.C. I think he was with tempest heli parts but Isnt affiliated any longer for reasons unknown to me.
  8. I find it funny how it seems that any of us find it to be any of our business who donated what, how much, or to whomever!! As far as I'm concerned, and quite me on this on "Who cares!". It's called business and politics and no matter how much we *****, they go hand in hand at the upper levels in every one of our companies, no matter who you work for!!
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