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  1. Touring Pilot travel wows.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's one for all you touring boyos/girlies out there. Screwed constantly by the airlines going to and from work?...Yep we are constantly. Turn up at St johns airport going to work.....oh my God you checking 3xbags.....urrr yes ma'aam ya know me I do it once a month... that will be $150 charge, me roll eyes give company credit card and don't really give a ####, but pretend to listen to the one bag rule lecture.....winter gear, flight gear sleeping bag x1...not a tourist, work gear......I might as well be talking gibberish, cos no notice taken by said A/C chick. Well sir has to go oversize, ok ma'aam no problem. Security, OMG a helmet in the bag, turn bags out sir......why you have a helmet....cos I need it for work...what kinda work says the nazi....told ya last month says I...and on it goes......Read the airline boys forum on Pprune, just the same for them. Coming home after tour, Blah..... even F###ing worse. This trip, spent 78hrs trying to travel domestic Canada with Air Canada, F####ing nightmare. No explanation why flights are 2-3 hrs late and oh blimey, missed my connection, oh well sir....not our problem and on it goes....Is it just me, no, I know it isn't cos met one of our engineers going north in Toronto tonite, felt same as me. Dudes, don't know bout you guys, but I'm knackered when I get to work, after a 6 week tour, dead on my feet after the travel and airline/security ****.... What to do chaps....bugger all no doubt, and carry on private.... Oh and don't even get me started on the lousy per diem to put up with this.....
  2. Oooooh.....Beer check, popcorn check, As a foreign Drill pilot this should be good.......think I'll hang back signing me new contract, seems like there might be some bargaining chips. Now time to chill the beer and wait for P5!!!!What someone mention McFaulds......
  3. Mmmm...... I remember Chernobyl in 86,I was in Berlin with HM forces at the time. Was not fun. Here is a quote from a Russian pilot that flew on the rescue missions, which I remember watching in our crew room as it happened..... Quote; Sitting nervously over a cup of tea in the foyer of a Kiev hotel, retired helicopter pilot Sergei Volodin taps the medal given to him by the president of Ukraine in 1996; it's the same one that 10 years before had been posthumously awarded to the firemen killed fighting the blaze at Reactor No 4. 'In 1986,' he says, 'the firemen were all awarded it for dying. After 10 years, we were awarded it for still being alive.' unquote. The full article from the UK Guardian available at this link, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/mar/26/nuclear.russia I seem to remember reading somewhere, that the last pilot involved passed on a couple years ago. Yep, think they will have a problem filling those seats....I for one will be staying well away from that gig. Good luck to all involved, very tragic.....
  4. Ahh Virginia Hills, Mmmm busy busy for a while. Would cousin Don of bin drip touch man for AFS then, seem to remember he was.......could of been Tall Cree or any other campaign fire that year though, getting forgetful with age.
  5. I remember watching the drip torch boys in action when on fires in California in the early 90;s they were good.... one of the guys I knew quite well, he was an FAA examiner also, did my IFR ride with him. he was an ex Vietnam 205 gunship pilot, got shot down 3 times in 3 tours. I did ask him why he kept going back, answer, young and dumb and his mates were there. Thats real experience. Oh and if ya passed your ride, you knew before the debrief, he woud take control on the way home and do a full on to pad 2 Concord. If you flew it home , ya failed. These guys are good......very good.
  6. Winnie I am living in St Johns, down on the water in the harbour entrance, right on the trail up to Signal Hill. I moved here 7 yrs ago from the mainland, and wouldn't swap it for anything. Im not a Newfie,(although after all the screach ins am considered an honuary one) but an expat, who just happened to of stumbled on one of the most beautiful, friendly places I have ever been. I am lucky in the fact that I have good touring rotations and work for a company who have no problem with airfares back and forth. As for work for my other half, not a problem, she is always busy, originally from Alberta but says she would never go back and considers Newfoundland her home. As for me, having offshore experience on N.S am considering in the next few years applying for offshore out of St Johns, although happy with my current status and job for now. As for cost of living, I definately find it a little cheaper than the mainland, but that is just me. Even if it was more expensive, I still wouldn't swap it. And you are so right about the summers and fall, stunning. Even the winters I find are more tolerable than the mainland. Nothing more relaxing for me after a tour, than sitting on my deck drinking a few cold ones with the neibours, watching the cruise ships come and go and the S-92's and 61 thundering overhead. Good times and will be home off this tour this weekend, can't wait, according to the little lady at home, the city is just a buzzing with tourists.
  7. YTS, your;e ,welcome.I too have had the pleasure of a few "drinking sessions" with Mookie. I agree, one of the nicest, kindest guys I have met, would definately not want to piss him off though, and yep never talks about it, I also heard from brother and crew. Cheers, Newfieboy.
  8. Flew a staker dude a while back, his claim to fame, well not a claim but a true story, was that he killed a black bear with one swing of his axe, after the bear had grabbed him by the balls. Think IIRC he ended up on Oprah or some such show, but was politely stopped from dropping his pants to show off said wound.......You out there Mookie.
  9. HUET training without a doubt. Ditching with HUET , scary enough. Ditching without HUET training, well, good luck. Any over water ops, HUET a must in my books.
  10. I did conversion from CAA to FAA 20 years ago, easy, as for IFR to carry pax, news to me. Hard part is getting work permit, next to impossible right now. And seeing you posted from UK, I take it you a Brit, so forget the green card lottery. They might what us to fight along side them, but green card, sorry no way. Unless you married to a US citizen or have lots of cash to invest, forget it....
  11. One year today, Matt and Tim and the Guys/Gal of 491, one year tomorrow night at 1930 local I threw a wreath into the sea off the Narrows. If only you could of made it to the beach, Reast In Peace, I will never forget. Newfieboy.
  12. I don;t know about Canada, having never served in Canadian forces. But having served in UK mil, trying for aircrew is not an easy option, chances of getting it are about as remote as a 100hr guy getting hired in this present economic climate. Very tough, but not imossible. Also the conversion of mil quals to JAA is not a process for the faint hearted either
  13. Hey Freewheel. Nice one, Hope they need the B2 also, quite the fire they got going, oh hang on a mo, think that could be smoke from the mill, not sure though can;t see cos of the freezing drizzle. Be in touch. Ops normal. Regards, Newfieboy.
  14. Rest in Peace Cap. A true true gentleman.
  15. I;m afraid I respectfully agree somewhat with you there Duece. Pprune is on the whole guys on the N.Sea , SAR etc plus a lot of wannabes for sure, but a little hesitant to post in case they are "outed' by their buddies in the crew room. I think we all have had our little mishaps if you like, but are also hesitant through fear of recognition.Had one or two meself over 25 years, but alas, I think I will keep them to myself with There but for the grace of God attitude.Best to keep the lid on maybe, through fear of the proverbial can of worms......
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