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    flying helicopters... my two kids... and stuff... I like stuff. Currently training at MTM helo in Maine.
  1. Very well put Skids, and point well taken. Maybe I was wrong, I kind of assumed that if he could fly like that he was probably not a skid bouncer on the landings. but you made a good point for sure. Mike
  2. So stunt pilots arnt so smart either? I can see your point here MG, but I dont think this particular guy just got bored and had his bud start filming him with a digital recorder. I think the skill to move logs with total accuracy and the skill to do hammer heads are equally impressive. I dont think what he was doing was irresponsible, no more then say a WRC rally car, or even a skydiver. One thing about it that cant be denied is that the flying was truly impressive and done with the up most skill, not carelessly.
  3. ha ha! I was waiting for you to chime in TQN! I like it here in Maine an awful lot, I probably wont be up for much more then a visit any time soon.
  4. Speeking of training.... got 5 more hours coming my way this weekend along with a winter flying and flat light seminar.
  5. ha ha! I was joking bro in jest to Coles humor. I read far more here then I type and am pretty in tune with peoples thoughts on things. I think the theme of this particular thread is cheer and grins so if there is some thing to be said other wise any one can PM me :punk: Mike
  6. OOOOH I'll be watching you! I hear Canada is where the money is at! :shock:
  7. HA HA! Thanks. I am SOOOO hooked!
  8. Well the leap has been made. After a long time thinking, some creative accounting, and a bit of research I have started my flight training. I'll be working on my PPL at a small school here in Maine, then taking things to the next level at Northeast Helo in Conn to finish things up with a CFII. Well thats the plan any way :punk: I had my first lesson last weekend, next weekend I'm doing a winter flying and flat light seminar and some more flying! I'm on top of the world!!!!!!! :punk:
  9. I can only hope to be that good some day!
  10. Kids help with patients and understanding for sure! I know a lot of people in this world who should have kids just so they can get a grip on life and maybe learn a little tiny bit about dealing with other people. Good post Transientorque.... wow your name is a tuff one to type
  11. Thanks for the info... I'm in the US, but in maine I'll look at Navcanada as well though! thanks for the tip. Mike :punk:
  12. Awesome Cole!!!!!! I am working on my finance details right now and taking my first steps toward my PPL.... Your an inspiration!!
  13. Its a regular barnyard around here! I'll be the Goat, and Elvis can be the Mule! We need a tin man, a scarecrow, and a lion though!
  14. If going to a full school is an option for you DO IT! You dont want to end up like some of us old farts working full time and training on the weeked ends. Low time pilots dont make much but in the research I have done, I would only be taking a 5,000 a year pay cut to be an instructor ha ha ha! its all relative and you have to start some where. Are you in the US or Canada? I ask because there is a thread here some where about Canadians taking up schooling here in the US because the dollar is so close these days, with out dollar dropping the way it is you guys up north can get prett
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