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  1. When I retire the last thing I want to see, ride on or fix is a helicopter! Good for him. Neat to see the bit about Jim Davies in the story.
  2. Rookie Move in Shearwater

    As well he probably complains that no one treats him like a professional
  3. Anyone working?

    And that's because they leave. Transferable skills going to work that is more consistent, better paying, with less responsibility and more respect.
  4. 807.01 The holder of an ATS operations certificate shall report to the Minister any aviation occurrence information specified in the CADORS Manual in accordance with the criteria and reporting procedures specified in that manual.
  5. Personal Flight Kit

    In the same context, cash.
  6. Blah, Blah, Blah, Yawn.
  7. They're leaving in drones?
  8. Fort Mcmoney

    But not unexpected.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBOy8rvozDE Yep, no application.
  10. Amazing News!!! We need an expansion of operations. eyes roll skyward. I would like to start a new thread and ask, "What do you think the Canadian Helicopter industry will look like in 10 Years? I know that can be hard, no one has a crystal ball, but with over 2500 machines in Canada and everybody having a company, with the advancement in drone technology, is this a dying industry? A shift in the Paradigm perhaps? Love constructive input. Don't mean to hijack the thread.
  11. What's Happening At Summit?

    Relax. You got Justin and Rachel. They'll fix it for sure!
  12. Exactly what the "Lie"berals said about Harper.
  13. So go do something else. If I was you I would be far more concerned about drones replacing your job.
  14. Fuel Tanks

    If you don't crash the ASplat is a very safe machine. A plastic gas tank, wow. Condolences.
  15. Helicopter Pilot & Life Insurance

    Check your company disability as you may find your long term is only good for 24 months and if your injured in an accident you could be sol.