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  1. I wonder if any high time civilian pilots have lost the aircraft? Kobe. or this one. https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/AAB0703.pdf Show boating kills. RIP condolences to all.
  2. In replay to the post on departed companies, can we do one on who has been around the longest. I don't know the answer, maybe we can have some discussion on that.
  3. SAAB has announced they will build the Grippen in Canada to try and get the new fighter contract. Build them in Quebec and Justin would sign the order right now.
  4. An old thread I know, looking for any information on doing repairs on the tail boom. Specifics to composite. We are in a basic learning environment so any information would be ok, out of date etc. Thanks.
  5. There are training incentives for AME's as well. Red Seal is provincial, no federal recognized certification. So it doesn't fit in with an AME license, in fact it would have no ICAO relevance. Also, Red Seal is driven totally by industry. Find it ironic that HAC is slammed for being an owners club, yet Red Seal would be a benefit? Red Seal has no wage scale. You get paid what industry will pay you. Aviation folks take the pay because we don't refuse it. There is a massive shortage of licensed, endorsed, experienced AME's. "It’s sad to see the commercial helicopter industry hasn’t changed much and won’t change, until we as professionals refuse to work under these same conditions that have been around since the 80’s. Companies continue to under bid each other and try to make it throughout the year, partially on the backs of its professional pilots and engineers." That pretty much nails it and being a Red Seal ain't gonna change it.
  6. Why? What does a Red Seal give you that an AME license doesn't? I have an American A&P from my AME license. Could that happen with a Red Seal? The answer is no.
  7. Transiting Washington State. Seattle Center calling us, a C registration, "Aircraft with all the letters"
  8. http://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2000/a00q0046/a00q0046.asp No need to dual it, not a flight control. Seriously?
  9. They should also be witness marked. Black sharpie line works good, lasts longtime.
  10. You'll have to excuse my ignorance but as a long time viewer of this forum could you please explain the statement, "couldn't be happier". Never seen that stated here before.😁
  11. Mortgage insurance from the bank is one of the worst financial decisions you can make. Get term insurance instead.
  12. When I retire the last thing I want to see, ride on or fix is a helicopter! Good for him. Neat to see the bit about Jim Davies in the story.
  13. As well he probably complains that no one treats him like a professional
  14. And that's because they leave. Transferable skills going to work that is more consistent, better paying, with less responsibility and more respect.
  15. 807.01 The holder of an ATS operations certificate shall report to the Minister any aviation occurrence information specified in the CADORS Manual in accordance with the criteria and reporting procedures specified in that manual.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBOy8rvozDE Yep, no application.
  17. Amazing News!!! We need an expansion of operations. eyes roll skyward. I would like to start a new thread and ask, "What do you think the Canadian Helicopter industry will look like in 10 Years? I know that can be hard, no one has a crystal ball, but with over 2500 machines in Canada and everybody having a company, with the advancement in drone technology, is this a dying industry? A shift in the Paradigm perhaps? Love constructive input. Don't mean to hijack the thread.
  18. Relax. You got Justin and Rachel. They'll fix it for sure!
  19. So go do something else. If I was you I would be far more concerned about drones replacing your job.
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