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  1. I am interested in getting my Canadian IFR for helicopters and need help in finding some pre course reading material. What would you read if you do not know much about IFR before beginning an IFR Ground School Course? Would it be easier to do the FAA IFR training first and is it worth getting your FAA IFR? Do you need Multiengine endorsments and hours flown to get into the international IFR market? Is there any information that someone should know before getting started?
  2. Will changing the limit to 1 mile change anything? Perhaps, if you are leaving a base, airport, or area with a larger number of people not involved in your operation. When you are out in a remote place the situation may be different. Most of us have flown in weather less than 1/2 mile on numerous occasions and probably have stories on how poor it was, some we tell, some we keep to ourselves. You return with a crew when the weather on some or all of your route was below limits, how many times have your heard someone say, 'you should have left the crew out there because the weather was
  3. Great Idea! Anybody know what the stats are for the number of times a longline contacts a powerline each year are.
  4. I was working on a logging site with a heli-logging crew. There were no roads as the job was a water drop and the distance between the water and the hillside was close to a mile and about 2000 feet in elevation to the top of the block. In between was forested with many bluffs. Before we even started working a briefing was carried out about the job as well as a safety briefing from the 206 support pilot. Part of his briefing was instruction on how to take off the door in order to load a patient on a spineboard. When finished instructing and displaying the correct procedure, he had ever
  5. I'm fairly new to the forums and was almost completely ignorant to HEPAC till this particular forum. Some questions have been answered but many still loom. From reading the HEPAC website and a little more info here, it would seem to me that this group of individuals has a good idea of what they are trying to achieve and have made a good start. What am i missing? What is the big deal? Why all the negative critcism? Are they in competition with some other organization and if so can they tell us why they need their own site? Why are some members incognito? Can they elaborate on what the
  6. The ones with tones are great and some can be set as help. For example the first tone just before the exceedance and second tone when an exceedance has occured
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