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  1. It’s only two jobs, one pay if you let it be. As a pilot/eng I’ve never been put in that situation, and don’t plan to. For what it’s worth, I also have never been laid off in this industry. Qualified engineers are seemingly hard to come by these days
  2. I disagree. Now you can’t even have a single beer with dinner and there is nothing more satisfying than a cold beer after a 8-10 hour day sweating your bag off in the cockpit.
  3. Here is what Rolls Royce requires Re: Start cycles, from the RR300 manual which is VERY cycle limited. TBO is 3000CYC or 2000HRS whichever comes first. Chapter 05-12-00 contains FAA approved life limitations for those engine parts that are life limited. Life limits of parts are based on total hours or total cycles, which ever occurs first. (1) Definition of an Engine Hour Operating hours with respect to maintenance records means the time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface of the earth until it touches at the next point of landing. (2) Definition of an Eng
  4. Ray beat me to it. And here is the Airframe Airworthiness limitations manual reference (in part) to cycle counting for landings. It does say FLIGHT HOURS (FH)= Takeoff to Landing
  5. My experience is mostly on the French engines but referring to the Arriel 1D1 maintenance manual 05-10-00-200-801 - Airworthiness limitations it specifically states: Cycle counting does not take into account run-ups for maintenance purposes.
  6. The manufacturers clearly define what is to be logged. Start cycles and ground runs for maintenance purposes are typically never logged unless the aircraft leaves the ground. The rest of that sounds pretty shady! Revenue, non-rev, Private doesn’t matter which, cycles, flight time etc are always counted. Now the flight time = air time debate is a different can of worms. I disagree completely that flight=airtime and I log them separate. Again following the manufacturers requirements for airtime = skids up to skids down. Flight time = blades turning to blades stopped.
  7. They do offer this as an option now, although probably not cheaper than a DIY http://www.lightspeedaviation.com/content/lightspeedaviation/CustomPages/Zulu-H-Mod.htm
  8. This past fire season has prolonged the suffering for some. Too many machines and operators, not enough work to go around leads to B3E’s going for Jetranger rates and 30k/year pilot wages. Time to cut back on machines and operators
  9. I’d take the 120 any day over a 206. Just so much cargo space it’s easy to load it up then wonder why it’s underpowered.
  10. I too was trained to be on the ground at 20gal and to be extra diligent to fly in trim at low fuel, like any aircraft. Anything below 20 GAL is pushing it imo. I’d rather have the fuel and not need it than need it and not have it. procedure is land as soon as possible with the fuel light if equipped, so why would you carry on below 20gal without the light? sorry about the accident. ****** situation.
  11. This one? http://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2016/a16w0126/a16w0126.asp
  12. I had a set that were made when I first purchased my gallet with the cep kit installed. I had to get the moulds taken at a hearing clinic then ship them to the manufacturer. They were terrible. Hard rubber, never fit quite right. I think the ear canals were too long and yes they would break the seal often. I found the cep foamies to be better. I then had a set re-made a few years ago by a local hearing aid company and they were much much better, softer silicone type earplugs and have no issues with the seal breaking.
  13. Yes the helmet comms function normal without the cep plugs connected. I've been using cep's for about 6 years with custom moulded earplugs. I can't fly without now. I also had a couple of the cables break, and cep USA replaced them. I think they have a revised cable now as this one is more than 2 years old around 800 hours of use and no issues.
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