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  1. Abuse? Wow, big deal, a few posts end up in the wrong forum because not everybody in the industry is an internet wizard posting here every day. I hardly think it qualifies as abuse. As a pilot I would think it's great that operators can do forum posts for job openings, nobody responds to the catch-all banner ads and as a pilot looking for work it's great to know who's looking and what they want. If it takes 3 minutes for the moderator to move the post to a more appropriate forum - well, that's what they're for, after all and if they feel they're being wronged they're of course free to
  2. "suitable accommodation" - means a single-occupancy bedroom that is subject to a minimal level of noise, is well ventilated and has facilities to control the levels of temperature and light or, where such a bedroom is not available, an accommodation that is suitable for the site and season, is subject to a minimal level of noise and provides adequate comfort and protection from the elements... The second part, probably included in the regulation with the best of intentions, is what gets abused most days. Don't see that changing anytime soon I'm afraid.
  3. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/regserv/cars/part1-subpart1-1104.htm "Suitable accommodation"
  4. I think this might help - you have to change the .kmz to a .kml file for GPSBabel. .kmz is a compressed file format, and can easily be uncompressed by simply changing the filename's .kmz extension to .kml. Worked for me... Good luck.
  5. Transport Canada Leadership Merlin Pruess, long-time director general of Civil Aviation for Transport Canada, recently retired, and Martin J. Eley was selected as his replacement. Eley previously was director of the Aircraft Certification Branch for Transport Canada. Eley graduated from Imperial College, London, in 1977, with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering. He completed his undergraduate apprenticeship with the British Aerospace. Eley spent the next five years working on the development of composite primary structures for the Tornado and Jaguar aircraft at British Aerospac
  6. :punk: Right on, good to see utility applications in her future. Will be keeping an eye out for your hot machine in the back country.
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