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  1. LOL. I confessed. he says he didn't see it Same old same old. Did you fly there too?
  2. LOL not at all..... I still needed a chisel to remove my nails from the grip Nahh it wasn't too bad. Like I said, in hover and beginning of the takeoff I felt shakey but once at 1500 75, I was having a blast. But of course I'm not telling anyone that I actually held the cyclic with my keft hand for a few seconds cause my right arm got a cramp Can't wait to go again this weekend.....
  3. I only wanted to soil(sorry) my pants during takeoff cause I was really surprised how quick it wanted to climb. Then on landing again because it didn't want to come down :shock: One of the greatest days of my life. Can't wait to go again (tomorrow) for a bit longer. Spent some time hovering adjusting the carb heat (even tho the instructor said always put it down first) and the cockpit heat. Flying around was pretty uneventfull tho. Flew from Bolton to Tottenham, few circuits and back. I was kinda freaked out at landing because the wind sock got blown off from the hangar so I had to fl
  4. Well it somehow showed up @ TC. I am picking up my medical on Monday :punk:
  5. Hi all; I did my Cat1 medical for the first time on Nov 21st. I was really looking forward to having it as I'm ready to solo any time. Here we are on the 24th, I called TC to see what's happening and after holding on the phone for an hour, they tell me they never received it from the doctors office...Great!! I called the doc's office but of course they're closed today.... So TC tells me it's gonna take another month to process it once they receive it. What should I do? My instructor isn't all that concerned as he says we can do more dual and get into navigation but I'm still pissed. Me
  6. Hi all; I'm just about to get going and have the funds available and I may even get canned from my current job :punk: Let's assume I can go without a job for a few months. Is it a good idea to just go and get my training done full time with all the resources I got? Or just stick it out and do it over a period of months.... Just wondering. Any advise would be appreciated. thanx
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