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  1. They take a urine sample to check for sugars and protiens, has something to do with diabetes I believe, they will also do a ISHIHARA colour plate test to check for colour blindness, and a whisper test, then as mention by Cole you will need to get ECG done, and Audiogram test. Its pretty basic and If your in decent shape and under 40 it shouldnt be a problem to pass it. hope that helps Paul
  2. Hey Cole!!! Just wanted to say Congratulations on your flight test!!! You training blog has been an ongoing inspiration to me, while I wait to start my training this coming fall. All the best to you in job hunting now. Keep us posted on the completion of your training and your job hunt! Cheers and fly safe!!! Paul
  3. Dont think have to worry bout being Assimilated by the borg, he got the ok from the boss before we posted this, so no violation of non disclosure as far as we know... The unit is actually running a Windows XP appliance Kernal (stripped and hardened version, sposed to reduce number reboots required ;-). so if it has some form of internet connection surfing the net and checking weather is actually possible. As for the rockets maybe that explains the order for weapons pods for the same heli... JK. The actual camera was quite small fit quite easily into the palm of an average hand. Cant remember who the manufacturer is, and the unit has been sent to CHC. I figured it was some sort of low light, inclement weather approach aid. the way the monitor flips down it is similar to a HUD display, but doesnt project on to the actual glass...
  4. A friend of mine is a AME S, and he just finish fabricating a camera houseing and computer/monitor mount for a CHC Puma based out of Halifax. He is going to be flying out there in December to do the install for CHC. But we are curious as to the exact function of the unit, he was told that it was to assist in landings on oilrigs but thats it. the camera mounts behind the right side cockpit door and faces forward and the monitor mounts above the glare shield and the screen folds down, the screen also slides up and there is a keyboard behind it. Anybody know what exactly this is going to be used for???
  5. Being a bit of a fan of Biodiesel myself, I have often wonder about the feasiblity of using it in a turbine... Then the other day I came across a Popular Mechanics story about Jay Leno's latest super car being built by GM which is powered by a Honeywell turbine (dont have the details infront of me) which is designed to run on B100 which is a 100% biodiesel fuel. I am sure it will be in the future for biodiesel, but there will have to be a huge amount of testing and refinement of it before it will make its way into aircraft turbines, one of the largest hurdles is the high gel point of biodiesel and the cool temperatures that aircraft are exposed to. will just have to see where it goes...
  6. I hear you on that one Coastal, and I have been and plan to take everything I read with a grain of salt. I want to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about training from the industry's perspective... But its exactly like you said, if I get multiple "reviews" of the same person or school, there must be a little basis to it... Which is why I posted this hoping to get as many responses as possible. And by no means am I trying to skip the leg work of visiting all the schools first, just hoping to get myself prepared to the point that I will know what to look for and what to ignore when I finally go knocking on their doors... If i wasnt over 12000km away, I would have already harassed all of them a couple times over by now... thx Paul
  7. Thanks everybody!!! I know no one can tell me which school is the best or which instructor is. The info I am searching for is who and where to avoid... I know no school will guarentee me employment, but I believe there are schools and intructors that have better reputations in the industry than others. I am looking to hear from any of you as to where and who I should really avoid. Thanks again 412D and RHROB both your schools are on my short list pending my return to vancouver when I will make my final choice. keep the great advice flowing!!! Paul
  8. Hey Bleepo Good luck to you to!!! The free accomodation is my house that will be paid off when I finish my work... Maybe we should compare notes before making our final choices... 2 heads always better than one...
  9. Hey All, I am looking for some advice/information regarding selecting a Flight training school. I am almost finished a 2 1/2 yr "contract" working overseas, which I took just to enable me to pursue my dream/goal of becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. I have spent the last year doing as much research as possible (basically have read every thread on this site and others) trying to prepare myself for my return to Canada and the commencement of my training, and now I am at the point of trying to narrow down which flying schools I will be visiting before I make my final choice. Now before its said that I should search the forums, I have and there is a goldmine of information which I have gained from, but I guess I just want to ask the questions myself... So here it goes and thanks to everybody that replies cause I know your probably sick of getting asked the same questions... What I am really looking for (and I would do this in person to an extent if I could) is reviews, comments, testimonials, experiences, complaints and what have you, about the flight schools and Instructors (I guess I should say I am looking at the Lowermain land of BC =free accomdations). I would really appreciate advice from CPs, Ops managers, Instructors, Students past and present, and All you High timers that are the goldmine of info. Now before I start any pissing contests, I am looking for specifics to help me make an informed desicion. I know alot of info may be subjective opinions as opposed to objective observations and I dont want people naming names, slandering or having to play favorites in a public forum. So if you feel you have info to provide I ask you to use your discretion and feel free to PM anything that you wish not to be displayed publicly, I will gladly sign any confidentiality agreement if you have concerns. Thanks again, I know it was quite a long winded way of asking a question... Cheers and safe flying (cant wait till I get to) Paul
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