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  1. The Gary you refer to as the Ops Manager at Northstar; that won't have been Gary Smith? Did they have a few Astars, and did a couple of guys called John Lesque and Rejean Charlebois happen to fly for them?
  2. Unless I missed it; nobody brought up the O'Connor Brothers and Aero Arctic out of Yellowknife. I met Bob's daughter (who was a flight attendant for First Air) on a flight to Gjoa Haven back in 2011; she told me some great stories about her late father, and uncle when they were running the company.
  3. I'll always remember that hot summer afternoon in 73 when the silver haired lumber king showed his nephew how to back MEU in to the bush, down at the 'Farm'. Al and me ended up eating asphalt as pieces of the blades went flying over our heads. After the engine finally quit Lang runs over to the wreckage and helps the old guy out and as he's helping out the nephew he says, " Jeez that was **** of a ride, come back this afternoon and I'll give you one you'll never forget".
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