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  1. This coming down turn could be bad enough to close even well managed companies, the industry wasn’t doing very solid well before this. But I guess when the tide goes out we’ll see who’s naked
  2. If no one's training low timers where do 2000 hour pilots come from?
  3. You must have a pretty good guess who left you the nasty gram But did they blow your covers off and then land again to leave a note ?
  4. Never said anything about it being slow...... We have employed a lot of 100 hour guys over the years regardless of how busy things were Some started as pilots Some started as loggers and became professional pilots Whoever worked hard and was professional got an opportunity We are one of the few industries that don't have minimum hour requirements The only requirement was to not show up with a poor attitude or sense of entitlement If you did, you generally didn't stick around Regardless of the which industry your in any experience helps Lots of great 100 hour guys out there that
  5. How about logging.... Lots of loggers started out on the end of a 1" choker, the dumb end of a tape, power saw long before they ever touched a machine Heck some of the logging pilots out There Now A Days started setting chokers or driving the super B that hauled the blocks away Nothing to do with being a pilot but the experience gave them an opportunity to understand the operation from the ground up and more than likely made them the best at what they do Just the way it works DSL
  6. We should rename this thread the "Seinfeld thread" A thread about nothing.............
  7. The first one to get axed should be the guy that walks around the hanger saying "it could still happen it's only September1"
  8. When there's 25+ helicopters sitting on spec at a particular airport or fire base, does the 25th machine really expect to get hired ?
  9. I wonder if you could buy credit default swaps on helicopter companies..........?
  10. Unless you looooooove DC-10s And who doesn't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What the........? Truth is always stranger than fiction.....!
  12. I agree there shouldn't be any furnors until we get more Canadian low timers goin but there must be a way to have them more work ready when they complete school lots of guys out there that don't even come close to ready for the real world fix that and you would have lots of options
  13. How many foreign workers are we talking about ? This could be a completely moot point Somebody must know maybe Fred ?
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