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  1. Never said anything about it being slow......

    We have employed a lot of 100 hour guys over the years regardless of how busy things were

    Some started as pilots

    Some started as loggers and became professional pilots

    Whoever worked hard and was professional got an opportunity

    We are one of the few industries that don't have minimum hour requirements

    The only requirement was to not show up with a poor attitude or sense of entitlement

    If you did, you generally didn't stick around

    Regardless of the which industry your in any experience helps

    Lots of great 100 hour guys out there that deserve a chance

    But lots of not so great guys that wasted their money

    A little hard work sometimes thins the herd so you can see the good ones

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  2. I am just going to throw this out there.

    Name me one other profession where after doing whatever schooling they needed to get a license or accreditation, are then told that they have to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with their training. Do you think that someone that is trained as a heavy equipment operator is going to get on the end of a shovel for the first three years of his career. Obviously he will not be doing specialized work or on the heaviest or newest equipment, but I can guarantee you that there is no way he is going to be digging a ditch to see if "he has the right attitude". Do you think your doctor spent years, days, or seconds parking cars at the hospital before interning? How about a professional engineer? You can bet they wouldn't let a "newbie" build a bridge, but they sure as **** wouldn't expect or even think of asking that professional to do something that has nothing to do with his chosen profession.

    You will not find this bull in any other industry, and to have people claim that this is just the way things are, is patently ridiculous.




    How about logging....

    Lots of loggers started out on the end of a 1" choker, the dumb end of a tape, power saw long before they ever touched a machine


    Heck some of the logging pilots out There Now A Days started setting chokers or driving the super B that hauled the blocks away


    Nothing to do with being a pilot but the experience gave them an opportunity to understand the operation from the ground up and more than likely made them the best at what they do

    Just the way it works


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  3. In our experience we have had very good service from the factory for the lycoming and performance was as stated when sold.

    I apologize I missed the artoust part of the original post Good luck it sounds like the roads about to get rough!


    There are exceptions to the rule but its getting harder to find an MRO for any type of AC, engine or component that has a sense of urgency now adays when you are broke down.

    Owning a spare part or spare AC these days seems to be worth it's weight in gold


  4. With a situation like that every day feels like Groundhog Day, an never ending comedy of errors.

    We sent an engine in for a quote on a scheduled repair, after 4 months we repowered with a lycoming

    We got the quote back after 9 months and promptly sold it.

    We love the lycoming and have had great luck with it

    Not sure if its an option for you but if you can afford it its worth every penny

  5. By the way the charter apples to who we hire not who we choose to spend thousands of dollars training and mentoring.

    we have hired some young and old low timers and not trained them because of poor attitude/ work ethic.

    Regardless of the charter that's still our choice And nothing is promised to them when we hire that is crystal clear.

    Just because you get hired at McDonald's doesn't mean you'll end up manager !

  6. We have hired LOTS of guys that were over the 28 - 30 the last low time guy we trained was 40 plus like I said there are always exceptions. But the younger guys usually come with less outside obligations. iE: kids, mortgage, car/s payment, wife and family responsibilities.

    Younger low timers are more likely to relocate and are able to live on a beginners salary until they get enough time

    Some older low timers accept the change In vocation but not the cut in pay, added work hours, or demotion in rank required to achieve things post licensing. Age is only a consideration offset by attitude and work ethic.


  7. We have trained quite a few low timers but in the last 3 years the quality of low timers has slipped We now use a questionnaire when It comes to hiring.


    1. How did you pay for your license? If I get any other answer than "I did" its over.

    2. What did you do before you got your license? Any physical job usually has a good turnout ie: mining logging construction

    3. Keep the age under 28 to 30 Anything over they are usually unwilling to learn or set in their ways.

    4. Small town kids are usually down to earth. Hiring kids that grew up in downtown Toronto is worthless if they haven't left ever

    5. I have checked references before with really mixed results ranging from exact description to I have hired the


    *to get the ones we have I had to go through about 40 - 45 resumes in the 3 years

    As usual there are always exceptions to the rule but not very often



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  8. Would love to train a low timer as it would help big time:

    Here are some of the lacking qualifications from 100 hour wonders we have seen in the last 3 seasons that led to their dismissal

    Lack of ability to do basic math WITH a calculator.2+2 =5 really?

    Unable to show up on time or on the right day.

    After hounding me for a couple months for a job and 2 days of exams quit to go to work on a ski hill after 3 days of work.

    Ran out of gas in the company truck 200 kms short of their destination.

    Dude i sold my car and bought a dirt bike but now I have to ride the greyhound so give me lots of notice for work man!!!

    "I really don't care if I work because my gramma paid for my license"

    "See you at the hotel" as the engineer and captain continue to service the a/c for another 4 hours

    Won't remove their sunglasses even at night

    Using the phrase I'm a pilot I don't have to do that. More than 3 times daily.

    I'm not staying in that hotel ( even though the captain and engineer are quite happy)


    In the last 3 years we have interviewed and/or hired and fired 14 100 hour pilots, maybe the problem is not the amount of Canadian low timers but the quality. We now have a good CANADIAN low timer that we will are in the process of beginning training and have trained 6 in the history of the company. I'm not surprised at the raising of minimum hours there are some numbskulls out there.



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  9. So the generator being in camp is inhumane?.

    What about workers on tugs they can hear the engine 24 hours a day and sleep within 15 feet of it.

    Or long haul truckers its inhumane to make them sleep within 7 feet of an engine.

    Or loggers on a float camp no generator there.


    Fred if the generator is that much of an issue don't be a helicopter pilot or don't take a camp shift but don't torture the rest of us who love the job and the industry because you can't pull it together. When you regulate people to the lowest denomination the smart and talented ones leave.

    I have spent years in camps some good some ok but I enjoyed it all the same because its the salt of life, keeps it interesting

    Do us all a favour and find another industry to torture

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