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  1. This survey is like herding cats might as well wait for HV to finish his Fred your next survey should be about the price of tea in china it may be more relevant.
  2. Most of the esso drums we use factory filled with Jet-A come with a large sticker saying "this product in this container size not regulated by TDG" . Jet B may different I wouldn't know never used it but regardless it's only for transport not how did the fuel get in to the drum I have purchased new tamper proof seals when refilling drums but the issue is potential algae growth which comes down to tank maintenance once the spores are in your base tank it can spread and when pumped into a drum and sealed for months could be an issue Some things to note 1 only use lined drums ( no bare steel) 2 check for water every time 3 don't use damaged drums ( the lining can be dislodged internally 4 never store upright 5 dispose of damaged or dirty drums right away 6 the person filling should be trained as to what to look for 7 repeated use can wear rubber seals and allow water in There is a place to buy new lined drums in Vancouver with tamper seals I have purchased over 40 in the last 3 years Use them till there skunky and toss them (they are not a long term solution) I think the oil companies demonize this a little but short term the risks are manageable DSL
  3. Unsure but have there been any recent accidents/incidents attributed to fatigue? Are they trying to fix something that isn't broken?
  4. Anyone have any current stats as to how many accidents have even contributing factors that include fatigue every year. Just wondering what were all really chasing here is it 100 per year or 2 I apologize if it was posted and I missed it and its not to imply that even 2 incidents is acceptable. D.S.L.
  5. safety pused to max I can not believe a professional has a porblem with speeling pissed the flight exim and among excellent punctuation sounds like a real good employea yep where can i find this guy to give him the #1 spot yep
  6. A sign that it is Bad this summer the BC forest service had more machines sitting on Spec at the fire centers than they had working. the estimate at williams lake alone was over 50 A/C not a good sign having that many A/C "available" -DSL
  7. I don't believe the Canadian industry is even close to being on the upswing yet more trouble to come. More operators selling iron more operators closing their doors, there may be the odd exception to this but they are rare Kinda like seeing bigfoot DSL
  8. Barge Camps are usually 3-5 stars the old land camps are usually hit or miss Usually the rats are more home than you and you spend more time fixing the generator than the helicopter
  9. Come on Marc we only invited him in cause we were out of T/P it's not our fault you were chicken to "do the paperwork" maybe if he had eaten a copilot it would have been easier to get close to him
  10. Now is definetly not the time to be breaking in to the logging/ forestry market used to be 20 -25 machines logging now were down to 4 maybe 5 helicopters logging very abysmall with no end in sight the minister of forests has forecasted a start to recovery in 2015 well time to get loser drunk and drown some sorrows again 5 more years to go DSL
  11. The 214 is an extremely reliable well built Heavy lift Helicopter if it is kept within the factory specs Problems will arise quickly when you start to treat it like any other Bell medium left in the hands of a cowboy who knows better it can rip itself to pieces fuel starvation was not always the problem rocky mountain had several engine failures related to the following Accessory gearbox drive failures GP disc failures GP Disc retaing bolt failures GP nozzle failures These problems have been corrected or addressed over time by honeywell and are an engine problem not an airframe problem Great Features the 214 Has The Nodamatic suspension when the nodals are tuned one of the smoothest bells ever The SCAS Stabilty Control Augmentation System makes it extremely stable Composite blades built 25 years Before carson ever dreamed of it exteme hot and high performance Ballistic self sealing fuel system extemely good flight charecterisitcs during emergencies, Auto's, Hovering Auto's, TR failures 12 pax, + ski's,full fuel max internal gross basically and you get off the ground with 75% power It is bar none the best sounding helicopter ever built Everybodys bucket list should include getting a low pass @ 140 knots by a Bell 214B To bad it didn't get more attention from the right people it would have been more succesful DSL
  12. Well old tommy douglas must have rigged that up about the same time as he rigged health care
  13. It's easy to say Never to Hot refuel But..... When you are refueling sometimes 18-22 A/C an hour it's just not practical I have personally done this kind of A/C volume (17,584 L) in a Day mostly with lights and intermediates and the odd medium in just one day on an extremely large fire. So if you start doing the Math having each one do a 2 Min cool down, have the blades slowdown, plus the start and everthing else. Couple things that Help Reduce the Risk (SMS!!!) Good properly installed and used ground wires Attentive and properly trained Fuel operators Proper nozzles that turn off with no auto feature (I have seen lots of F/gear with nothing but a camlock fitting A small ladder for the 204's Closed circuit would be much safer but I doubt you could get the operators organized Astar caps aren't Ideal but a least you can reach them unlike a 204 EH Amphibious!! The 407's will choke you and burn your eyes with a ton of exhaust I would prefer to fuel them shutdown but hey thats life
  14. Hmmm yep just as i had feared ROSE COLOURED GLASSES like was mentioned good on paper but way to many variables
  15. Any union exposure I have had outside aviation eventually leads to a US/them attitude and plenty of childish behavoir luckily they were only temporary jobs A professionalism training authority may be more appropriate and would probably produce better results but hey thats another thread all together DSL
  16. What ever happened to that other thing called HEPAC ?
  17. I No offence But I believe that may be the dumbest (&*%^^%% comment I have ever heard I love living in a free market economy and i refuse too let somebody who uses a survey determine what my costs may be. we stopped working in alberta shortly after this "new Pricing" came into effect there is no incentive to run nicer equipment or upgrade your Iron or pay that little extra to keep a competant pilot on staff and what happens when operators can't afford where do you think the extra money comes from? I'd tell them what we said to our insurance when they started dictating what we can and can't do "if you want to run my buisness then I have a desk waiting in the corner of my office" Some operators maybe able to do it some not I like the BCFS system set "your" rate if they choose to use you then you are in the ball park if your rate is too high then too bad But your rate is your rate sink or swim DSL
  18. yes you can but it has to be part of a training program and I believe there is an hourly maximum 120 to 150 hours DSL
  19. Look In the AIM it is clear as mud 3.7.5 Co-Pilot: Non-Training The holder of a valid pilot licence may be credited with co-pilot flight time acquired during flights on which they are the designated co-pilot of an aircraft, provided such aircraft is (a) of a category, class and type endorsed upon their licence; ( required, by the certificate of airworthiness or an approved company operations manual, to be operated with a co-pilot; and © fitted with dual controls and dual flight instrumentation. 3.7.1 Operation of Dual Control Aircraft © Flight time for pilots may be credited either as dual, pilot-in-command (solo) or co-pilot. (d) Only the pilot designated as pilot-in-command may be credited with pilot-in-command (solo) flight time. If it is required to have a co pilot By the CofA or the company Ops manual you can log it if your not endorsed or one of the above too bad I figured this out after hours and hours of research and talking to transport I think there is a maximum you can log as a unendorsed Copilot 100 to 120 hours and it has to be part of a training program Sucks but true DSL PS the insurance company will accept copilot as a contribution but it has to be Legal Copilot time
  20. I heard Sierra has had two machines going steady hauling hay on Cypress, as well that there was a 214B up there moving some stuff everything but snow When I intially hit the Add reply button I thought I was in the Long lining snow forum........ I don't know where I am now but theres no place like home... IN bc of course DSL
  21. The Whistler/Blackcomb Franchise is definetly the Flagship operation having done operations at most of the resorts mentioned. I would say if I was a banker looking to aquire assets in lieu of payment that would be the one I would go after. Will it change any thing going on in the Day to Day ops, Unlikely Although heard the Visitor levels pre olympics are much lower than normal due to visitors expecting masses of people or maybe they heard about the Landing fee's Maybe Fortress should not have lent all that money to Michael Jackson but who expected him to pass away! hmmm Micahel Jacksons estate Including monkey, ferris wheel, Neverland Ranch, or multi billion dollar Ski resort with plenty of real estate in one of the most desirable locations or at least sought after in north america outside of Uranium City SK But I could be wrong DSL
  22. That sure is a sexy looking machine did Quasar buy it new? I don't care what anyone says the 214 is easily the nicest machine bell ever made Full fuel + 10 people and you get off at 70% maybe 75% torque sure had some teething issues but they eventually got them all worked out too bad they don't build them anymore Ran into a fellow one day that worked for Bow when they bought their first 214 flew it back from Texas had some pretty impressive tales I wish I could remember his name DSL
  23. And the trip is supposed to take how long? DSL
  24. :shock: If a B2 goes for $944 then a 206B3 should go for $350 right I have decided to develop a brochure Tips for owning a helicopter On the cheap Hire Foreign Labour (those sillys work Visa's are not really neccessary)!! Don't replace the parts only the pesky serial numbers!! Don't dare do the morning sump check your wasting like $2.50 worth of fuel !!! Keep your eyes open for cheap or free Ops gear (Sometimes fueling gear can be found for free) Run an extension cord to the neighbours hanger for power ( they have lots and don't need it all) Hire a pilot and engineer combination why have two people (such a waste) better yet if he were also the ops manager Chief pilot and DOM Don't advertise your Fuel burn Rate Just bill it out at double B2 burns 230 liters per hour Don't write it all in the book they add 20% just in case or get Magic blade boxes Liability Only extra insurance is for lame ducks Bad mouth your competition cause their "ripping people Off and we are "still making good money" Disclaimer: This post in no way shape or form implies that any of the bidders have at any time or will in the future engage in this behavoir and I know nothing of the bidders equipment, condition, operation, or employees professionalissm and I assume that all involved are extremely professional and would never engage in this activity. * this is for humour only
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